Americans distrust self-driving cars more than they used to


Two years ago about thirty percent of us said we would never buy a fully. Autonomous car now that number is up to fifty, percent according to new data from Cox automotive most of us say we are interested now in. A lesser level of self driving a reflection of recent high profile crashes by self-driving Uber's and Tesla's this opens the. Near-term. Door driver assistance technologies that are hitting the market in volume typically called. Level three Cadillac super cruise Audi traffic jam pilot are examples that. Can drive while you oversee them not check out the largest group of people in the. Survey said that. No matter what comes down the road in the future cars should always have the option of being human driven but remember. That many, new technologies have followed a pattern of unreasonable public exuberance followed, by unreasonable public scepticism and then a. Reality somewhere in the

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