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Red Sox surge to biggest division lead of the season

The Rundown
1 year ago

American League Toronto, White Sox And Cleveland discussed on The Mungenast St. Louis Honda Sports Open Line

The Mungenast St. Louis Honda Sports Open Line
4 hrs ago
Boston Herald Radio


So the Red Sox eighty eight and thirty seven lead the keys by. Nine and a half as absurd wreck it really is but they've only had six. Hits the last two games but don't be concerned the Yankees are seventy eight and forty six again nine and a half behind. The Red Sox the Astros are only a game ahead of the as and. The American League West the Red Sox lead the, Astros by twelve and a half games for, what would be? The best record. In. The American League and. They lead the cubs by sixteen games for the best record in. Baseball when you factor in just the National League teams the National. League is. Right now eight teams Within five games of each other so, the cubs have the best record but instead It's fascinating finished down the stretch National. League. The American League that's a much except for between the as and? The. Ass yes and Seattle. Still trying to how many games to Seattle right, now four so it's it's getting it's dic- dic- if you're a Mariners fan. Now they, kind of pissed that