an Americans Say Cheers Like British Folks?


Hi. And advice. Podcast, brother, rebe that rated statement not meant literally blows up seven, hyper hyperbole. Another one another. What another episode of hyperbole podcast. Yeah, boy. Here we go. Welcome to our advice. Comedy podcast, where we give you advice in comedy. My name is Stephan. Also podcast has my name's Anthony. May was crying. Anyway, welcome to hyperbole. You have Stephan and Anthony here to provide you pump you full of Sweden advice and started and chock-full laughs for you to munch on during our time together that we appreciate so much. I know that we got pretty raunchy last episode was, so we're going to try and we got filthy and we're gonna squeak ourselves, clean. So we're going to, we're going to clean off that. What are we gonna diarrhea de could. We're gonna make it clean. Lean squeaky. Woman, it'll be cleaner. Also. I don't know if anybody else's excited as I am, but bachelor in paradise started. So on the bachelor impaired, I'm really excited. Yeah, they have. They have some really interesting folks from the past seasons. I think they put Hillary Clinton in there. I'm Hillary Clinton. Autumn put even hawking, would you sorry? I mean, she also talks a robot modulators. That's fair. Bernie Sanders is also on there. So hopefully hopefully he does not feel the burn because it is a very high temperature out there in Puerto Vallarta wherever they are, and they also put DJ Calot on there. I know he is actually heavily married with child, but. He's out there for another one. Does he really there? No, he's not. I dunno DJ. He is quite. They break up and he's just like another Lauren paradise. Another one. So I just wanna share some some lovely lovely words, some rumbling. Some roughly words that I've heard and phrases that I've heard about paradise one, bachelor in paradise. Bachelor from paradise. Okay. I don't know. I don't know the proper prepositions, but one of the things that I heard from one bro to another is Chris is going to receive Connors, sloppy, Saguntum. News. I think is a work of art. Lobby Saguntum. Just think about that for a second, let it marinate, the hurts my soul and your brain. But now for too long because you might want to take the next sharp object closest to. Yeah, you might have an aneurysm marination. Yeah. So they're sloppy pseudoscience, which I have now incorporating into my vocabulary. Never say that. And. Some Bros. we're having some drama and one of them said, all right, guys. Let's all dress. The white elephant in the room. You all got gifts and didn't tell me. He'd sons adventures. You're saying that Suzy had CONNER, but CONNER had Melissa. No, that's the secret Santa. What's the white elephant? That's the one where you put the gifts in the middle and you. Steel. Oh, no, that's my fucking decorative fountain Britney. Fucking maybe I misheard maybe it was. Maybe they said, let's address the secret Santa. Okay, much more relevant phrase. Yes, exactly. But we're really excited because we just want everybody to find love. That's the purpose of this podcast is for sloppy. So if you if you sloppy Gouda can also be a way of finding love. It's like finding a half eaten cheeseburger in a trash can. It's still good, edible, delicious. So horrible compare. So I don't know if if everybody has gotten the the, what is the under the undertone of the podcast or the clear message of we just want you to find love, which is why we launched this comedy advice podcast, but that's what we want. So as we as we keep this in mind, we're going to get into the really, really the sustenance of this pilot.

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