Brent Musburger to replace Greg Papa as Oakland Raiders' radio play-by-play voice


The recognizable boy of Greg Papa twenty one years. On the Oakland Raiders radio network Why, do you care why are we playing, the highlight of a marshawn Lynch. Touchdown well because this surprising news drop on Thursday, this actually caught me by, surprise there isn't a whole lot that does. In sports especially not in sports media but this one did the Oakland Raiders dump Greg Papa as their radio play by play voice the signature call touchdown or eight hours In his place they hire Brent Musburger Brent Musburger I mean we all know the. Voice of Brent Musburger The guy seventy nine years old And he left to college football to start a channel on. Sirius XM that's sports betting channel it's. Called Vegas sports and information network It's about sports betting which. He generally did work. Into conversation on pretty much every broadcast He spent seventeen years at CBS twenty-seven years at ESPN he did NFL as well as. College football also college basketball before retiring in two thousand seventeen and going to Las Vegas Oh I guess he's bored Because now he's back as the new play by play. Voice, of the Oakland Raiders This is This, is amazing and I don't mean amazing as an I just mean amazing as in what a turn. Of events Two decades Greg Papa and the raiders usher I'm out now. I don't know if it's because they really. Wanted breath Brent Musburger and convinced him to, be part of, their network or if they found out Musburger was interested I have no idea which domino dropped I Only that Brent Musburger is. Back And with. The, raiders soon moving to Vegas oh That seems easy meeting. Tidy I hope that Papa finds another job in the NFL. Or in play by play Quickly hope it ever to sit out, the season I mean we're close right we're close, to the beginning of. The season so it's hard to find another job right now but he's so good It's, after hours, with? Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio Brent Musburger..

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