Coats caught off guard by Trump inviting Putin to Washington


NewsRadio eight forty w. h., a. s. President Trump wants another meeting with Russian strongman Putin press, secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted discussions are already underway. To invite Vladimir Putin. To Washington in the fall national intelligence director Dan Coats seemed surprised when he learned from journalist. Andrew Mitchell about, the invites while on stage at the Aspen security forum in Colorado that's going to be. A special three Marshall ABC news Washington. The US defense official tells ABC news that a US citizen believed to be fighting for the Islamic state has. Been, captured in northern Syria and tell TJ Phillips watched and recorded as a tornado, destroyed his neighbor's home I mean I had a few seconds to figure out what was. Going on and make sure my family was safe first and foremost then then after that that's when I started recording and just. Unbelievable just couldn't believe it tornadoes also hit a manufacturing plant in a hospital in central Iowa injuring about two, dozen people firefighters. In Branson Missouri say there's been some kind of accident involving a duck boat on table rock lake six people been sent to the hospital Richard Cantu ABC news.

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