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Dollar pares back after Trump comments; world stocks dip


Day powered by twenty seven hundred journalists and, analysts in more than, one hundred twenty countries around the world I'm June Grosso but I'm Ed Baxter. On this edition of Bloomberg best for Thursday July nineteen we'll, have a special hour, long interview. With LA clippers owner and former Microsoft CEO. Steve bomber Microsoft was done upon and it was kind of inspirational. Because we were working on stuff literally? Transformed the world and I got a lot out of that and the intellectual challenges were strong. I loved, that and I, thought a unique, value to, add but just for fun fun fun. There's really no stress running a. Basketball team, all this and more, coming up in the next. Hour of bloom Bird best And I'm Bryan Curtis in. Hong Kong let's get you this hour's top business stories and the markets China's currency has. Dropped further the central Bank weakened its reference rate by the most in, two years the. Offshore currency now it's six eighty two fifty to the onshore at six. Eighty eighty in, the meantime Goldman Sachs listed Chinese companies will increase their earnings nineteen percent of the second quarter that's up from fifteen percent growth in the. First quarter Goldman is reiterating its overweight recommendation on. Chinese, stocks well President Trump today telling CNBC that he's not happy with the Fed's recent. Rate, increases Bloomberg's Chris Condon's calls the comments unusual under the last three, presidential administrations really become taboo to comment directly on monetary policy because it seems as form of political interference and function that should remain kind of set off away. From politics two. More rate hikes are Expected by the fed later this year the dollar weakened after, the comments it is now slightly higher in early Asian trading the dollar yen won twelve thirty eight. The euro at a dollar sixteen. We did have economic news out of Japan this. Morning Japan's inflation picked up slightly in June largely because of higher energy costs core consumer. Prices rising not point eight percent year on year the estimate was for, a gain of. Zero point eight percent so in line all right let's get a crack. Here at the, markets we're seeing some selling in Hong Kong Hang Seng index is down two hundred and eleven points a drop of three quarters of a. Percent sang positives down half a percent and the. Nikkei, has turned down about three quarters of one percent let's take a look at the. Yield, on the ten year two point eight three percent WTI crude sixty, nine dollars and fifty six cents global news twenty four hours a day live and.

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