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Croatia, Football and Uruguay discussed on Midday on WNYC


Gay dating app grinder is on the list of platforms affected by the new tax even though homosexuality is illegal in uganda a multibillion dollar compensation scheme for victims of child abuse has begun in australia national redress scheme is open to people who have experienced institutional child sex abuse in the past it's estimated some sixty thousand australians will be eligible for compensation this is the latest world news from the bbc in hundreds of cities across the united states people have attended rallies against president trump's immigration policies fires shaquir of the american civil liberties union says that although mr trump ordered an end to the practice of separating migrant children from their parents it was important to keep up the pressure every family that he broke apart and he's about back together again and secondly we're going to still fight about families being put into jails necessarily you have people fleeing persecution and violence and watt amal honduras el salvador coming here and being treated as if they're criminals rapists murderers terrorists even put into military bases if they're osama bin laden or something that that's not the way that we think at least one person has been killed and around a dozen injured during march and the nicaraguan competent managua in memory of the young protesters who died over more than two months of antigovernment protests rights group supported armed men shooting at demonstrate mantras during the demonstration thousands of people took part in the protests most carrying nicaraguan flags reports from somalia say the jihadist group al shabaab has apparently joined the global effort to restrict the use of plastic bags a directive issued by the islamist militant says that the bags would no longer be allowed because there were dangerous to both humans and livestock you to widespread fear of shebab views of violence analysts say their orders are usually followed even in ariz still under government control in the football world cup spain will take on hosts russia on the second day of the knockout stage in sunday's are the match croatia and denmark will face each other on saturday franz beat argentina four three and portugal lost to uruguay by two goals to one as both teams are knocked out of the two leading football players of this generation argentina's leila messy and portugal's cristiano renaldo are going home bbc news.

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