Trump says he'll bring up Russian election meddling during summit with Putin


The weekend preparing for his meeting with vladimir putin on monday the trump putin meeting is shorter be colored by yesterday's indictment of twelve russian military intelligence officers on charges they meddled in the two thousand sixteen campaign correspondent bob costantini the white house statement reacting to the russian indictments emphasizes quote there is no obligation that americans knew that they were corresponding with russians there is no allegation in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime end quote at the news conference with prime minister theresa may the president saying yes russia's election meddling will come up in summit with ladimir putin i will absolutely bring that up i don't think you'll have any g i did it i did it you got me there won't be a perry mason here i don't think but you never know what happens right but i will absolutely firmly asked the question democrats in washington are calling on mr trump to cancel monday's summit bob costantini glasgow at least sixty one people in at least fourteen states have gotten sick after eating mcdonalds salads i'm christopher freeze and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters us stocks have just strung together two straight weeks of gains and one of the best earnings seasons in a decade is underway but still investors are worried well benchmark measures of volatility such as the vix index are as calm as they've been in months anxiety is showing up in indicators that look at bearish and bullish options investors seem to prefer defensive industries and hedge funds are refusing to commit new money and there's the fed and its interest rate increases jim russell is portfolio manager at balling gainer you do see inflation on the rise so we do think that the fed is going to have to be responsive to that type of dynamic as we move into two thousand and eighteen second half the dow was up two point three percent this week the s and p five hundred up one point five percent the nasdaq up one point eight percent for the week walt disney's seventy one billion dollar.

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