After latest indictments, Schumer calls on Trump to cancel summit with Putin


Now has is ner who back in two thousand ten one the longest match in history a first rounder at wimbledon that was seventy to sixty eight in the fifth this match took over six and a half hours you heard the final call there on wimbledon radio on sirius xm and there's still a second semifinal about to start at wimbledon rafael nadal against novak djokovic serena williams is in the women's final tomorrow morning facing angelique kerber running back demarco murray retired at the age of thirty and seven seasons yet over seven thousand yards rushing the world cup's third place game is tomorrow on fox tv ten am eastern time england against belgium news radio i'm kathleen maloney senate minority leader chuck schumer calling on president trump to cancel his upcoming meeting with russian president putin this following indictments twelve russian intelligence officers for hacking into e mail accounts of democrats during the two thousand sixteen election blame for election interference belongs to the criminals who committed election interference deputy attorney general rod rosenstein there is no evidence that the hacking affected the outcome of the election or that anyone on the trump campaign knew about it far from a warm welcome for president trump on the streets of london holding signs featuring slogans like world numberone racist tens of thousands of people marching through central london fox's simon owen the president.

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