Prince Harry, Elton John to launch coalition against HIV in men


To deal with the backlog of infrastructure needs at our national parks he says there are existing funds that can be tapped to get the job done and survey shows most americans support roe v wade a new gallup poll revealed sixty four percent of americans believe roe v wade should stand while twenty eight percent would like to see it overturned the results come as the senate prepares to hold confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee brett cavanaugh the poll was taken last week before president trump pick cavanaugh to replace retiring justice anthony kennedy many democrats and a handful of moderate senate republicans have voiced their opposition to the fiftythreeyearold judge based on his views on a variety of issues including abortion mark mayfield nbc news radio a special fund raiser is set for tomorrow for the permanent memorial for victims of the aurora theater shooting the third annual reflection garden on tap beer festival runs from one to four the dedication of the permanent memorial set for july twenty seven th which will be a week after the six year mark since the shooting sir elton john and prince harry set to launch a global coalition focused on treating hiv infections in men the john aids foundation and the international aids foundation announcing yesterday they will launch the coalition at the two thousand eighteen international aids conference in amsterdam that's going to be on july twenty four john noted the urgent need to scale up men's access to the engagement in hiv testing and treatment services and.

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