Dog heart disease linked to grain-free food, FDA says


Stay cool stay hydrated folks some of the hottest weather we felt so far this summer on the way especially into next week most of you if you haven't hit one hundred yet you will by monday or tuesday of next week still a slight storm chance today with a high of around ninety nine light and variable winds tonight seventyfive tomorrow and in the sunday highs right around one hundred maybe slightly above a heat index values as high as one of five to one zero seven and even hotter weather arrives by next week here we go i'm meterologist brune off in the weather center right now it's eighty two degrees at krld eleven forty thank you so much you're staying with us it is i'm david rankin we are live in the mercedes benz plano news center the fda's warning dog owners about a possible link between some pet food and heart disease agencies alert involves dog food containing peas lentils and potatoes and highly unusual reports relating to weakened hearts and heart failure the reports of focused on dogs that are not genetically prone to the disease known by the initials cdc including bulldogs golden retrievers and many schnauzers the fda is not named the pet food brands but says it's working with the companies to find any possible links mitch card newsradio ten eighty krld some dallas brewers want answers why does it take forty minutes for the cops to show up it was last month that mike perez one of the.

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