President Trump in Scotland for weekend at golf course


Hello i'm caroline what i'd welcome to the world this week the program that tells you how the world has changed in the past seven days this was the week when donald trump challenged nato allies to raise spending on defense or else the united states commitment to nato is very strong remains very strong but primarily because everyone the spirit they have the amount of money they're willing to spend the additional money that they will be putting up has been really amazing he got involved in britain's brexit turmoil to the week when india became the world seek largest economy when syrian government soldiers planted their flag in the place with rebellion was born and the miracle of thailand we just had a little bit of hope that the kids were still alive but we had to move forward and do it it was a tiny bit of hope we have to hold onto that hope and in the end we found out that they were all alive was it a miracle for the government to that after this bbc news i'm john shea the hat of the colombian former rebel group faulk has asked for forgiveness for the kidnappings carried out by the group and the pain and suffering inflicted on many families rodrigue along donyo also known as timoshenko was attending the first hearing of a special tribunal which will try crimes allegedly committed during the country's fivedecade civil war families victims say they hope the tribunal discover where the remains of some of those who were kidnapped and murdered can be found who yet the mantra is one of the tribunal magistrates so much dirt your meal they're more than eight thousand kidnappings this is part of the reason this process was established to establish the truth about the number of people who are the victims of this skirt it is part of the truth that we hope to uncover there's been more violence in nicaragua after a twenty four hour national strike on friday to demand the resignation of president daniel ortega a group of about one hundred and fifty students was trapped inside a church at the main university in managua along with priests and journalists after coming under attack from paramilitary groups sympathetic to the government thousands of people have thronged abbas main thoroughfare degrees era as president his arrived on a three day visits to ethiopia some waves giant eritrean flags president assize of work is visit comes less than a week since the two neighbours declared an end to a two decade long conflict when ethiopia's leader of abi ahmed travels to asmara families in mustang in western pakistan are burying their dead were killed on friday and one of the country's worst ever militant attacks the province of balochistan has declared three days of mourning the islamic state group says it carried out the attack so condo kamani reports this is one of the deadliest attacks by militants in pakistan's history it targeted an election rally of a local politician in the town of mustang he was amongst those killed the previous set of elections in pakistan were overshadowed by the threat of violence the number of parties unable to campaign in the past few years security has greatly improved in pakistan but this week has seen a spate of attacks targeting local politicians president trump has spending the weekend at one of his golf courses in scotland is preparing for the summit on monday when he's you to meet president putin in helsinki lana gordon has this report there has been no official confirmation of president trump's plans for the next two days but a round of golf is turnberry course is likely more than five thousand police are on duty for the duration of his visit to scotland patrolling the sea and shoreline they'll be hoping there will be no repeat of last night when a protest are flying paraglider got within around one hundred meters of the president shortly after he arrived at his resort this is the latest world news from the bbc the trial of boy is rescued from a flooded cave complex in northern thailand are expected to be released from hospital next thursday thailand's health minister told reporters the boys and their families needed to be prepared for the media attention they'll receive when they come out the boys and the football coach are recovering physically and mentally from the underground ordeal and the dramatic rescue intense seasonal rains and thunderstorms in china have caused widespread flooding and disruption with bridges destroyed and roads and railways blocked in the southwestern province of sichuan ten major highways have been closed more than eighty thousand people have been evacuated from.

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