Colin Kaepernick joins Nike's 'Just Do It' campaign


Five AM seven fifteen WSB Atlanta's morning news traffic every six minutes. The DC circuit court judge expected to make his opening statement in the ten o'clock hour, so lots of questions the next few days and everything from abortion to executive power and number three WBZ's beef you show right reports of Covington police officer in serious condition after shoplifting suspects shoots him. Please prayers are being requested after Matt Cooper was shot in the head while trying to arrest twenty one year old Erin Fleming. Authorities say shot Cooper in the parking lot of the WalMart has Iran. Fleming was later found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound to suspects arrested at the scene. The gbi is investigating WSB news time is six sixteen. WSB covers Georgia's race for governor Abrahams and Brian Kemp. Spent Labor Day campaigning for governor to union picnic in Atlanta Abrahams tells channel two action news, I'm excited to go back to every part of the state. So I can share a message and our vision. Kemp spends Labor Day in Thomason promising to stand up for farmers and rural Georgia both campaigns kick into high gear until election day, President Trump's slams his attorney general again over the indictments of to House Republicans. Alleged corruption Trump questions the timing saying too easy. How seats are? Now. In play critics say the job of the attorney general is not to protect Republicans accused of wrongdoing apart from the confirmation battle over supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh, congress tackles a sky high to do list this month. President Trump has threatened to veto a spending Bill to keep the government running unless he gets more money, I border wall. Congress must also act on a farm Bill and reauthorize FAA programs or air traffic controllers make a one paid del mar racetrack in southern California may add metal detectors and upgrade security after shooting outside a rap concert. The twenty two year old was upset. He couldn't get a ticket to the sold out show. There's gunfire at the track gunfire at the track returned fire wounding that man. No one else is hurt Nike makes Colin Kaepernick the face of. It's just do it campaign ABC contributor Christine. Brennan says this move resonates throughout the league man who's suing the National Football League. Now be part of it ad campaign by the company that supplies all the uniforms for the National Football League. And she says it reaches into. The White House since President Trump frequently criticizes protests by NFL players during the anthem the dogs prep for Saturday's SEC opener at South Carolina. Smart has been making it clear last week's cupcake blowout did not live up to his standard including the defense. Fresh off outlaid hard ran to the ball in play with rugged technique. All the time about the offensive line. They got to do a better job create movement. And they got to do a better job a second level blocking the running backs behind them guys ran the ball poorly. But they probably miss the whole a couple times and probably a little impatient. South Carolina might be the second best team in the SEC east. And a flashy upset pick kickoff is at three thirty Saturday in Columbia here. All the home of the dogs. Jay, black WSB WSB News time six eighteen..

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