Thousands protest Trump immigration policies across U.S.


One zero six nine am seven forty kcbs sunday july first twenty eighteen coming up on kcbs thousands march against president trump's immigration policies and we'll have your cbs weekend roundup thank you for joining us i'm peter finch kcbs news time is one thirty one news update in cities and towns around the country this saturday demonstrations this one in washington dc where president trump was not where many others do turn out to protest here's immigration policies as did many more in cities from one coast to the other and some inbetween an estimated seven hundred marchers at all correspondent kenneth craig new york's protests brought an estimated fifteen thousand to the streets of lower manhattan over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy on illegal border crossings doing permanent physical and mental health arm to children in the crowd we found pediatrician steve auerbach who says he's concerned about a generation of migrants child abuse and is a mandatory quarter i am hereby reporting hollywood celebrities joined the rally in los angeles studios news update i'm tom foty this is the cbs news weekend round of the suspected gunman who shot dead five journalists had a long history of threats against their newspaper i fear for my life i feared for my family's life and i feared for my staff plus what's next for the supreme court we will begin our search for a new justice later what's at stake for a summit between president trump and vladimir putin her both president it's important to come out of this summit showing that it's been a success i'm steve dorsey cbs news washington bureau let's start this weekend in annapolis maryland just about an hour outside washington it's where police say thirty eight year old jared ramos shot and killed five journalists at the capital gazette newspaper thursday he was angry individual as i've ever seen attorney brennan mccarthy says jared ramos tormented his client for years she lost her job because she lost her job because of this individual he's malev he forwarded a letter to her employer basically stating that she was bipolar and a drunkard which is ridiculous mccarthy says the harassment and stalking began around two thousand nine after they became friends on facebook in twenty eleven she took him to court where he pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and was placed on eighteen months probation five days later the capital gazette wrote a story titled jared wants to be your friend.

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