Police probe whether campsite death is linked to a string of unsolved shootings


In the low seventies we now return to the cbs evening news with jeff gloria in for laurie kirby i'm nicole davis thanks for listening and have a great weekend in the scenic hills of southern california's malibu costa popular campsite remains a crime scene a week after a father was fatally shot police are now investigating whether it's linked to a long series of unsolved shootings carter evans is there with access to the crime scene blocked investigators still aren't talking even after eight shootings in and around malibu creek state park over the last two years today detectives are back looking for evidence at the campsite where tristen bogut was shot and killed while he was sleeping in a tent with his two daughters ages two and four these are shotgun pellets yeah it's bird shots james rogers told us he was hit while sleeping campsite i tried to get up just fell right through the hammock down to the ground so you had no idea what happened no idea melissa tangible had a similar experience while campaigning her suv walked around he was like that's a bullet hole and i was like okay it is right and the owner of this tesla says a bullet struck his car just four days before was killed this sheriff's department has not responded to our repeated requests for an interview but today released a statement saying a link between the past shootings and the murder will be explored there are posted warning signs at the park for everything from rattlesnakes to poison oak but nothing about the shootings i think anyone that's going to walk through those gates needs to be told it campground is now closed indefinitely but the rest of the park is still open and beyond the lack of warnings there is frustration among the shooting victims we spoke with they feel like their initial reports we're not taken seriously jeff carter evans thank you coming up here families forced to clear out when a colorado wildfire explosives in size wbz news time seven forty eight our top local stories in the wbz newsroom tonight with high temperatures in the forecast boston's heat emergency will go into effect tomorrow mayor marty walsh is urging residents to check on their elderly neighbors about one in three massachusetts residents who use marijuana say they have driven while under the influence of the drug.

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