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Reason he is hedging is because they can't they know they're going to lose joe donnelly in indiana they know they're going to lose heidi heitkamp in north dakota they're probably going to lose joe manchin in west virginia they might lose jon tester bill nelson i don't know it doesn't matter brick scott's gonna beat bill nelson like a rug and every republicans going to vote for brett cabot up all the kabuki dance it's all a kabuki dance most qualified guy inside the beltway i would have preferred but he is imminently qualified and he is going to win let's talk a little bit about how the left is melting down this is joy behar on the view with meghan mccain cut number nine we believe in balance checks and balances and we haven't got that in any of the three grants government because this implication i think we're gonna will but people on like last night shannon bream whose hosts on fox news wasn't comfortable doing her broadcast outside with all the protesters narrow people with signs with blank spaces saying we hate blank just waiting to fill in whoever it is and i think the left doesn't solve the disservice when you're not even looking at person presented in front of you and you've already made the decision that's not happening on this so people outside doing it but taking a page from mitch mcconnell but what i want to say is this is like a stolen experience this is what elections have consequences and yes republicans have three branches of power now we're getting to more seats in the voting is important but the idea that we're living in like i dunno totalitarian fascist country where this was just appointed by dictator it's just a lie and i think we have to be intellectually investigation we're going to have alan dershowitz on today and i'd like to ask them about that why would a president who is under investigation by the fbi for obstruction of justice and collusion the allowed to pick a supreme court justice who will be there i'll be dead there are many people in this room who will still be alive and need abortions and what have you lead healthcare how dare he allowed to do this while he is under investigation you mean like bill clinton and justice briar when justice breyer went on the court is that what joys referring khushi upset that steven briar is still on the court twenty years later after he was appointed when bill clinton was under investigation i guess she does look none of it makes sense but i'm here to give you the news you need the analysis you must have bread cabinet is going to be confirmed in september it is going to happen right so the left go through your five stages of grief and just paris the drama please more when i return don't go anywhere except the mypillow dot com.

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