Tariffs on U.S.-made models will mean pricier BMWs in China


Prices for some bmw's are going up in china because of the u s china trade war the german automaker says it'll have to raise prices on the us built suv's it sells in china because the country's raise the import tax on cars from the us to forty percent in retaliation for higher tariffs on chinese goods imposed by president trump the dp news agency reports the bmw says it's not in a position to completely absorb the tariff increases a victory drought ends at the pga event at the greenbrier the story from ap teddy cavanagh fires a final round six hundred sixty four to run away with the military tribute at the greenbrier now finish the tournament at nineteen hundred capture just a second pga tour win and his first since two thousand eleven spanning five hundred and twenty eight rounds wasn't sheriff it was gonna come again i was hoping it would but my game was starting to feel really good this year i was associated last year and and my game really started turning around this year and i felt like it was gonna come soon kelly kraft who share the lead after fifty four holes earned a second career runnerup by shooting an even par seventy to finish five strokes behind not fourteen under americans captured nine of the top ten spots and this year is edition of the greenbrier i'm denny music superstar spouses beyond say and jay z o headline and event in honor of the late south african antiapartheid leader nelson mandela in his home country later this year it's part of a series of events marking the one hundredth anniversary of mandela's birth and also includes ed sheeran usher fro williams alongside african performers oprah winfrey will give a keynote address on the legacy of mandela other hosts include naomi campbell and actors forest whittaker and tyler perry the event planned for december seconds part of the global citizen movement which has a goal of ending extreme poverty by.

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