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No one more deserving protesters gathered at the supreme court to voice their opposition to the nominee several liberal politicians spoke including connecticut democratic senator richard blumenthal i say no to this nominee the fiftythreeyearold judge has been serving on a federal appellate court in washington since two thousand six cbs news correspondent steven portnoy in the end the president's choice was rather conventional yale law graduate washington native who clerked for justice kennedy and served in the white house of george w bush but democrats reacted to brett kavanagh's nomination with fury worried that if confirmed he'll tilt the court more firmly to the right for decades they point to his rulings on the dc circuit in favor of corporations and his view that a sitting president should be exempt from lawsuits and criminal investigations a federal judge has rejected the trump administration's bid to allow the long term detention of migrant families gene reese is with the university of southern california law school the federal government can't force california to enforce immigration agenda and as long as california's not actively interfering in that the government federal government can't require california to participate rescuers in thailand hope they've embarked on the third and final attempt to get a team of soccer players in their coach to safety four boys remain inside the flooded cave eight or at a local hospital and doing well none have fevers and all were given rabies vaccines though they didn't come in contact with animals in the cave the bbc's nick beak the first four boys to come out and doing very well in particular that families last night were able to see them not talk to them or hug them because there was a glass screen between them because that worried about the risk of any sort of infection spreading and we know all of the voice seemed for picked up some silver infection tests have been sense away to bangkok enough find out what they are the number of police officers killed in the line of duty is up for the first six months months of the year steve grenier is with the national law enforcement officers memorial fund we're tracking thirty one officer fatalities due to firearms related incidents compared to twenty five during the same period last year presenting a twenty four percent increase the death toll has risen in japan following massive flooding to one hundred fifty six searches are still underway heavy rains and mudslides hit the western.

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