Sacha Baron Cohen announces new show, 'Who is America?'


Knows that she does that yeah now she doesn't know there's no self awareness in that family whatsoever maybe chelsea will run i mean she is not yet thrown her hat in the ring that would be awesome it'd be so great ladies says you know i hate the bushes rob everything about them hang me you like not one everything about them right not even like barbara barbara at all the national debt i kind of feel like she was a nice lady yeah run on illegal immigration all right what's your point the biggest reason perhaps though dick cheney and once again we'd like to keeney watch yourself because 'cause daisy would give him a lap dance yeah i like to i like him and she said on numerous occasions numerous there may have been alcohol involved but i really like dick cheney is you could literally kill that man as weak as his heart is how do you know that picnic be just a jolt he needs a little bit of adrenaline once again dick cheney is not let me down from vulture in case you were wondering if sasha baron cohen still got it the comedians new trump skewering showtime series for crying just all we need another trump's skewering series which appears to be titled who is america just dropped a new promo in which is still yet to be unseen journalists character asked former vice president dick cheney decide a waterboarding kit which cheney does with a smile take a listen is it possible to sign my water bowl that's i i i'm ever assigned a waterbird what a jerk wait wait wait wait what what did he even size got this joe they used to water board people and shady signs it on camera okay we'll so don't understand why why are you so upset about this rob people hate this country because of waterboarding and whether you're not you don't mock it while they're still a war on terror zero problem with their problem with that either i don't know why you're sad sad about hilarious yeah i think it's kind of funny to such a jerk offers so much crap are you feeling sorry for terrorists right but i'm saying the bushes or so bad and so many people died needlessly because of the bush's feel sorry for terrorists waterboarded right the city here you're upset because terrorists get waterboarded we're about ready to like get your getting upset about that right now on the show i don't have to explain right show do something good better move on long dad was super tweedy over the weekend for tweety counselor record pace will that include the failing new york times robert in the machine amazon the washington post quoted anonymously sources that in my opinion dopey out of business seven years about that that was so specific seven business and seven years six point three four years.

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