Authorities plan expansion of naloxone access in Hamilton County


News a service of travelcenters of america and progressive insurance no word yet on any charges but ohio state troopers say an eighteen year old fell asleep while driving a pickup truck southeast on state route seventy three near antioch road in clinton county just before six thirty on tuesday evening the pickup went left of center hitting a pickup truck going the other way i'll young woman in that other pickup suffered minor injuries but the teen driver who allegedly dozed off was taken to the hospital with serious injuries there had been a crash in that same area earlier on tuesday but there is no indication that there's any connection between them jack crumley news radio seven hundred wwl w it's a warning about tristate drug od's from hamilton county officials health officials are stressing the use of opioid antidote and lock zone is hamilton county experiences a spike in drug overdoses greg casterman assistant health commissioner for hamilton county public health it is important that we're asking folks to administer naloxone for any drug overdose even when non opioids are indicated in case it is mixed in with what they're using area hospitals treated sixteen people for drug overdoses monday the county's averaging ten to twelve per day libby coming ham newsradio seven hundred w l w the folks at kroger currently hiring and would like to hear from you right now they employ eighty people at their distribution center in florence but that number is about to go up career looks to expand its florence distribution center in create about two hundred fifty new jobs those two hundred and fifty new jobs will be full time and the company says they plan to invest nearly eighteen million dollars to boost their ecommerce and digital services tom demerara police with a cincinnati business courier says they'd kroger already employs twenty one thousand people in the commonwealth allison wyatt news radio seven hundred wwl w yesterday on wall street pretty good day for stocks stocks rising on wall street tuesday the benchmark s and p five hundred had its fourth straight day of gains and its highest closed since early february the s and p rose eight the dow gained one fortythree in the nasdaq inched up three consumer products technology and healthcare companies the biggest winners on tuesday pepsi gained four point eight percent after strong second quarter earnings johnson and johnson also a bright spot gaining one point one percent a us district judge in san francisco allowing hundreds of lawsuits against monsanto to move forward the judge allowed plaintiffs to present their claim that the company's roundup weed killer causes cancer the judge called evidence linking roundup to cancer week monsanto denies there's any link tesla set to build his first factory outside the united states in shanghai under an agreement signed on tuesday becoming the first fully foreign owned automaker in china tesla's announcement comes amid mounting us chinese trade tensions and billions of dollars in recent tariffs mark remillard abc news simply wow what a comeback for the red legs last night scoring all their runs in the ninth inning at progressive field against the indians marty brennaman with cincinnati's miracle comeback loops wanted to right and that's going to fall for a base at iran will score runner goes to third and the reds are out aboard and trail four to one and it's a swing and a fly ball hammered into center field that baby will batch around on the warning track one run scores hair going away the second runner hall that's a two out two run double by adam ball and all of a sudden we have ourselves a one run ballgame at four to three here's a three two again at a high hammered back into right center field that over his hand scoring two runs are going to score and here comes the third runner to the play three run to double by joey votto here in the ninth inning news radio seven hundred wwl sports here's a reds update joy auto hit a go ahead three run double during a seven run.

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