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I'm media agency working with papa john's international has decided to cut ties after the pizza makers founder and chairman john schnatter allegedly used a racial slur and graphic descriptions of violence against minorities on a conference call this according to forbes papa john's and the agency laundry service did not immediately respond to requests for comment shares of papa john's refuses ticker peasy as pizza laura now by two point nine percent tendered on one thirty second looking at a yield of two point eight five percent gold is down eight tenths of one percent twelve forty four the ons west texas enemy eightyeight crew tumbling three percent now seventy one ninety one for wti bread also lower by four by four percent seventy five sixty nine for a barrel of brent it is one oh two on wall street and that means one thing it is time now for the market driver's report with a focus on american depository receipts here is dave wilson thanks charlie eighty yards or falling more than us shares the s and p a r index is down one point seven percent while the sp five hundred's lower by six tenths of a percent eighty ours of mining companies are lower after the trump administration announced those plans to expand tariffs on chinese imports australia's be hp billiton has lost four point four percent switzerland's glencore has lost a five point six percent and uk based rio tinto has dropped four point seven percent turkish adr's are lower amid a plunge in the country's currency the lira among banks you've got guaranteed down nine point six percent and act bank down eight point nine percent industrial company koch holding is down nine percent japan's softbank group has risen two point two percent person with knowledge in the matter said the hedge fund tiger global has invested more than a billion dollars in the internet company a representative for tiger global declined to comment and china's new oriental education has gained one point one percent people now said the company plans an initial public offering in hong kong for an online learning unit called cool learn dot com charlie alright a store who were watching we thank you very much.

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