Colts Defeat 49ers, 23-17


Forty Niners in Indianapolis. To face the colts pair former. Stanford stars facing each other Andrew luck at quarterback for indie Richard Sherman at cornerback for the forty Niners luck was. Eight of ten from ninety yards and threw one touchdown pass Indianapolis holds on twenty three to seventeen win Niners. Jimmy Garoppolo nine of nineteen for one hundred thirty five yards but while he was, in the offense couldn't get. Into the end zone. Head coach Kyle Shanahan scored a. Touchdown so we're over three so that's not what we want I know we had a number of drops, down there and I know. When you have drops and penalties it's very hard. To overcome and I think we had both. Those down there Backup quarterback Nick Mullins scored, on a one yard Ron Jeremy mcnichols had a two point, conversion Ron for San Francisco's only touchdown late in the game running back Alfred. Morris made his debut seventeen attempts for eighty four yards Richard Sherman making. His first appearance on defense after returning from a torn. Achilles tendon I'm definitely ready to roll but you never know how you're going to respond to a to a heavy workload of plays you know, we have some short draws we. Had some I don't know tinplate. Nine played drives where where my body was still holding up well you never know how your body's going to respond. And football game you know when you're making reactive cuts and putting your body under under huge stresses but it. Held up pretty well Reuben foster suffered a concussion and he may be out of, action until game three of. The regular season Niners. Final preseason game is Thursday at. Home against the Los Angeles

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