John McCain: Vietnam veteran and six-term senator dies at 81


John McCain the military hero who had a long career as a maverick Republican, Senator has died he was eighty one fellow Arizona Senator Jeff. Flake on, how McCain was, a fight or not only in life but. On the Senate. Floor to. His willingness to stand alone To be an. Independent voice was, just unmatched Peter mayor who covered the Arizona lawmaker for CBS news recalls a resilient politician John. McCain obviously relished, his maverick. Image, and frankly he became a favorite of. Many reporters often talking to them nonstop and on the record on the straight talk. Express campaign, buzz in his two thousand. Presidential run he. Was also a party man. But he couldn't bring himself to vote for Donald Trump in. Two thousand sixteen at one point, he said, he'd right, in the name of his buddy Senator Lindsey Graham in fact McCain made it no. That he did not, want the, president to attend his funeral he did request but both George W Bush and, Barack Obama deliver

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