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PIN senior writer, Jackie MacMullan sat down with several NBA players to talk about mental health in the NBA, Chris, Bosh, Kevin love tomorrow, Rosen, and Paul Pierce to name just a few have opened up about their struggles with depression and anxiety then be has now hired Dr William Param as its first director of mental health and wellness. Should this prompt the NBA to have some sort of mental health policy or plan for players struggling with these issues t start with you? I would say absolutely. Self care is just as important as physical care and treatment. And to be honest, it just seems logical that players NBA NFL any professional sport that athletes would kind of feel this amount of pressure to wear dealing with depression and anxiety seems like it's something that could logically happen. I mean, you've got pressure from your. Teammates, you got pressure from the fans with social media. They're always like direct access pressure to you all the time. You got pressure from your family. They don't see you as often or have expectations for you and your downtime. You get pressure from executives, especially mentioned into Doron Dhamar under Rosen, who thought that he had some form of transfer loyalty with people in the Toronto organization and then ends up being traded. So there's there and then they have pressure from themselves. I'm sure. I mean, everyone has expectations of themselves. I mean, we're not even athletes in. I'm pretty sure all of us on this podcast, have expectations for ourselves and how we feel when we don't meet them. So it makes a lot of sense that there would be that there will be mental health struggles among athletes. And so I do think it's very important for the NBA to have done. This, I think is also important to make sure that there's protection for them for the players for this kind of thing. Because as I've been reading, I've seen that owners have been saying that if this is something that we do that they want to have. Access to the records. And as you know, most medical records in some form are are confidential, and I think that in their mind, I think the argument is, you know, we have access to the players physical record, so we're able to make decisions on what we wanna do based on a player's physical health. We should also do the same for someone's mental health, and I think that's where I probably disagree with the owners in that sense because a lot of times having that confidentiality is what helps you to progress in what helps you to get

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