Woman in U.K. contracts rare 'flesh-eating' STD


I can't show Jamie Markley Damn I'm gonna lose that stupid bet the Michael. Cohen truth. Fund. Yes you said there's no way that go fund me out there for Michael Cohen will reach half a million. Dollars I, said I think. So It is yeah over iron forty-one thousand dollars raised right now. In twenty, four hours, it will, reach that. Goal and maybe now they've convinced me liberals are right people have too much money and maybe the. Government does spend it better than they do for Michael Cohen Michael. Cohen clearly people bad person bad press I. Think this proves again that clearly people can't be. Trusted with. Their. Own money on real man maybe I've been in in refusing to to cave to that argument I hear from. The left, all the time All right switching gears man this is frightening No you saw this story State Department issued a travel advisory warning. American tourists. Headed to, Cancun, to use caution Eight bodies were discovered in the city this

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