Dodgers vs. Braves - Live Game - July 29, 2018 - ESPN


Stays quick pre drills. Went deep, left field it is on its way Two run home run Greg is back from the DL with. A giant exclamation point here's twelve home. Run of the year a two run shot and the dodgers. Take three to nothing Wade was taken off the d. l. yesterday and Alex Verdoux go one of the top prospects, of the dodgers system returned to the minor leagues has week went deepest twelfth home run of the year in the dodgers victory last night against the Atlanta Braves a five one win for the. Dodgers as they remain red hot thirteen games above five hundred now l. a. for. The game and a half leads still over Arizona in the National League West meanwhile Atlanta as lost thirteen of its last eighteen now including four in a row the Braves have fallen to a game and a half behind the Diamondbacks for the second wildcard spot in the National League as Charley Steiner had the call yesterday on k. l. a. see. This date admits history brought to you. By New York, community Bank. And the NYC. Be family banks making. History in New York for one hundred fifty nine. Years visit them at my NYC. Dot com on this date July twenty ninth nineteen Eighty-eight Bobbio. 'hada the pirates John smiley played a. Game of dueling three hitters one of the hits smiley allowed Johnathan Homer to Kevin Elster on the Mets won the game one to nothing on this date two thousand four Eric volant hit for the cycle and. A to one win at Montreal volunteered only two triples in a brief major league. Career that spent two hundred five games over five seasons but the one of the seventh inning that afternoon at Olympic stadium gave him the eighth cycle in Mets history hi Bogue on this date in two thousand one Mike Piazza followed up Robin Ventura's ninth inning walk off home run with one of his own solo shot off the Phillies real for. A six five Mets win when we. Come back on, the Nissan. Mets pre game. Show will head to. Lead off spot with Mets pitching coach Dave island. The wwl.

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