EPA rescinds order allowing polluting diesel truck engines


Center your drive shut down in both directions between, Wayne a, rich complete check of traffic and transit on the twos just ahead Well it's, a climb of a lifetime and she's only seven years old Year seven-year-old Montana Kenny has become the youngest girl ever to climb, the nearly fifty nine hundred, meters to the peak of Africa's. Mount Kilimanjaro pretty warm at the bottom but it's pretty, cold very top, she summited Africa's highest peak with her, mother over spring, break in March Montana wanted to set a new record but more importantly pay tribute to her father who passed. Away when she was three has, not that much further up outcome Adjara so I wanna to take To prepare for the climb her mother Holly. Says they did a lot of? Hiking she says the seventeen hour hike up, and down the mountain was tough but they made it ten even without a couple of Faris afterward I'm. Scott Carr car companies are gearing, up for, a tough journey ahead, with terrorists pushing up prices of raw materials makers are warning of lower, profits ahead at four chief financial officer Bob shanks could give you. Details of an eleven billion dollar restructuring that's gonna affect most of our operations what about the impact on jobs there could, be impact on jobs within, that but we'll have to see. The three Detroit carmakers did make a combined four billion, in second quarter, profits but that was below analysts expectations, Jeff Gilbert four, CBS news Detroit the PAAS withdrawing a break that the agency gave makers of higher pollution diesel trucks on Scott. Pruitt's last day as administrator Acting administrator Andrew Wheeler says Pruitt appeared to have overstepped his authority in the. July sixth order which bar the? Agency from enforcing an Obama era cap on, the annual production of higher polluting tractor trailers known as glider trucks the EPA earlier had estimated that unchecked. Production of those glider trucks could, cause, sixteen, hundred premature deaths annually, from air pollution the reversal was one of Wheeler's first breaks with the, policies of his predecessor Bill Rakoff CBS news Washington WBZ news time to fifty two time for traffic and transit well let's. Get started in Delaware this go round because southbound four ninety five the off ramp to ninety five is closed everybody's. Been forced to cut through Wilmington. Using ninety five at this hour and it's, added another thirty minutes, onto your commute from is road down to two, ninety five. To ninety five southbound also jammed heading into Delaware up and over that Delaware memorial bridge about. A six mile backup from ninety five back into New Jersey at. This hour and if you're travelling on, route one northbound we, have some. Heavy congestion between south. Smyrna and the Newcastle county, line so lots, of delays in Delaware if you're trying to get back into Pennsylvania, northbound on ninety five we still have that accident out there approaching four fifty two it's blocking, the left, lane still causing a. Bit of a backup for folks in that area southbound ninety five also slow from Stewart avenue down to the berry at. This time on the Schuylkill expressway we have a disabled tractor trailer eastbound right, near glad, when it's, block Rocking the left lane and we are. Jammed now from just into the conshohocken curve down the Gladwin in that direction very. Very, heavy volume you may want. To just skip it if you can because. We have some Gaber delay volume in that. Westbound direction as well from approaching the, Roosevelt boulevard up through to Gladwin so lots and lots of autumn on the Schuylkill at this hour on the vine expressway you're looking pretty good in both directions stop and go between the between the Schuylkill and ninety five heading into New Jersey the wall looks pretty good but once you get off. You're going to be in some delays southbound on the forty two freeway down through the new uh excuse me the. Atlantic City expressway and we still. Have an accident on southbound forty seven just, past fifty five some, heavy delays in that area as well next update, in less..

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