Mom and five children dead in massive motel fire


His. Ass you have to speak Todd and Don show Jeff warden Clements afternoons three to, seventy nine KLBJ killed have the border all going up so much out, of the Trump administration. Whoever the president is do you think such an act such a policy would be an? Outrageous and terrible policy. Yes or, no terrible terrible, policy yes or no no matter who it is it a, terrible, Pol politics policy About Hopefully Jeff Ward and Ed Clements afternoons three to seven on NewsRadio KLBJ journey home for some fallen American servicemembers who served in the Korean conflict possible remains headed to a lab in Hawaii for DNA testing and. Identification FOX's Brian Yanez s servicemen and military honor guard lined up on the tarmac to receive the remains given to the US by the North, Koreans the cases are being flown to Hawaii where forensic examinations will be done to verify two. Things one that the remains are human and two that they. Are in fact dead Americans or allied. Troops, now Defense, Secretary James Mattis said the US government has no indication that there's anything, amiss but he, said we don't know exactly who is in those, cases vice president Pence will be at the ceremony in Hawaii on, August I six people are dead after a motel fire in. Michigan a fire broke out in the middle of the night at the Cosmo motel in Burien, county Michigan The first nine one one call to the sheriff's office was received at one forty five AM twenty-seven rooms of, the extended stay motel were occupied when the flames erupted six people all from the same family. Were killed a twenty six year old adults and five children. Ranging in age from two to ten. Years, old several, other victims were taken to the lakeland medical center the motels located in, Benton harbor Michigan, about a two hour drive south west of Lansing, and investigation into what started the fatal fire is ongoing Karen McHugh, Fox News to police officers and suspect in foul mouth Massachusetts. Were shot when officers responded to a disturbance police chief Edward done this is happening way too, much We've got to return back to a time when police officers the respected and it's not okay to shoot a police, officer one, officer was shot in the abdomen the other graze in, the head the suspect shot in the arm neither, officer sustained fatal injuries. I'm.

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