Northern California wildfire threatens thousands of buildings, kills at least 6


About a new report from the Boston Globe. That found that federal air marshals could be watching you. Even if you're not on any watch list they don't. Know why they're following these. People and they think. It might be all evil and when country music star Kenny Chesney saw the devastation in the Virgin Islands caused. By the hurricanes last year. He decided to help out and to sing about it this album isn't necessarily about the devastation or the destruction it's about the moving forward. That's all coming. Up but first this news Live from NPR. News in Washington I'm Janine Herbst the death toll from the massive wildfire burning in northern California near reading has grown to at least six, Chester county sheriff Tom. Sankoh says the latest victim who. Has not been dented was found in a burned out house in the car. Fire and that seven people are still. Listed as missing tens of thousands have been evacuated and but Cinco says heating those orders is. Essential just because you may not see smoke or flames does. Not mean there is not a danger we try to get out ahead to get the people out I so then the large heavy equipment pieces can come in safely. Officials say it could be a while before people are allowed back home the fire has burned one hundred thirty nine, square miles it's still only five percent contained more than five hundred buildings have been. Destroyed thousands of others are at risk President Trump's tweet. About a meeting that he had recently with the publisher. Of the New York Times. NPR's Eric Kennedy reports. The president, and the The publisher. Differ though about how to characterize their conversation times publisher EG souls Bergerson a statement that he went to the White House. To meet Trump on July twentieth and that the meeting was off the record that's why the times didn't previously report about their conversation but on Sunday morning Trump tweeted that he met with Salzburger and said they quote spent much, time, talking about the vast amounts of fake news being put out by the media in response souls Berger says he met. With the president to express his concerns about what he called. Deeply troubling anti-press rhetoric he said the president's rhetoric is being used by foreign leaders to justify crackdowns on journalists and putting lives at risk, on Sunday afternoon Trump. Released a new series of tweets. Criticizing journalists and calling them unpatriotic Mary Kennedy NPR news Washington Israel has released. A Palestinian teen activist who served eight. Months in prison for hitting is really soldiers outside her home in the West Bank NPR's Daniel. Estrin, reports the case has drawn wide so Spread, attention seventeen, year old I had, spoke to, reporters and, activists in her village of Nabi solar power to the people she said the people can decide their way of resistance with. Her long frizzy blond hair I had to Mimi became an internationally recognized. Symbol She was recorded kicking and slapping, to Isreaeli soldiers outside her home. In the Israeli-occupied West Bank after the video went viral. Angering many Israelis she was arrested she and her. Mother who posted the video online served eight months in prison for. Assault and encouraging violence asked if she'd do it. Again hits soldiers the way she did she said she, couldn't say much for fear of rearrest many Israelis see to me as a. Violent provocateur. Many, Palestinians say, she represents a defiant young generation of Palestinian youth one of many who have been jailed by Israel Daniel estrin NPR news nubby solid in the West Bank and you're listening to NPR news from Washington from k. q. e.. D. news I'm Jeremy Siegel fire officials say twelve thousand firefighters have been deployed to fight the. Seventeen blazes burning across the state today that includes local state and federal firefighters, as well. As inmate firefighters and mutual aid assistance from across The country Lynn Mitch, off with Cal, fire says some crews have come from as far as New Jersey in Maryland we have quite a few. From the west already here Zona Colorado, Nevada. Oregon they're already. Here s the thing but to get the one from the east coast is a tremendous help too much off says Cal fire officials consider, a multitude of factors when allocating. Firefighters including fire activity and accessibility as you just heard. From NPR the massive car fire in Shasta county. Has taken another life according to Shasta county sheriff Tomba's Sankoh the. Victim was told to evacuate but did not leave. Their home so far the blaze has killed six people, scorched nearly ninety thousand acres and is just five percent contained Sonia Hudson has. More from. Reading, out in, an, evacuation zones the fire has scorched entire hillsides and valleys it's a landscape of blackened earth still smoldering in some areas with bits of ash flying around like snow flurries fire officials say containment Numbers have stayed low the last, couple of days, because they've been focusing on solidifying, existing fire lines and protecting homes I meet Casey Corcoran in an. Evacuation zone in the small community of ago he's a. Firefighter with, the, Butte. County fire department he's been working, the car fire since Monday what we do we get out there we'll start cutting down brush, clearing wood piles. Just getting anything out of the way that might be a hazard that. Will help us when the fire hits Corcoran's also been to the front line of the fire several times and he says sometimes the. Giant flames get so close to, the firefighters that they have to pull back. From the line I'm only Hotson, Kiwi dean is we'll have more on the wildfires in California throughout the.

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