Judge urges U.S. to focus on reuniting deported parents with children


Radio station If I am forty more stimulating talk is the dark secret replace Brian suits in here on till eleven o'clock, or new hours by. The way eight pm to eleven so please enjoy, coming up in, the next break a naval mystery the mystery of the missing, man March of. Nineteen forty two a man overboard mystery that has not been. Sold to this day drone wars the first commercially available drones that were. Weaponized happened, in Syria and Iraq and they they happen because the men of ISIS who don't have an air force did have money. And had access to European markets and. For that matter markets in Turkey and so commercial drones usually under about two hundred dollars were purchased in Turkey off the off the market Just, in toy stores or whatever in Turkey brought into Syria and then the the simple, engineering matter of adapting the usual HD camera hookup underneath the drone to do something as. Simple as release a grenade was actually fairly simple if you if you don't know how this works I've met a couple of drones with HD, cameras on them or. With mounts where you can mount a little gopro, camera on them, and the drone communicates by direct wifi to your to an, app on your. Smartphone where you can use the gopro camera or the built. In camera as a sort of a virtual piloting cockpit where you can. Put the, camera forward and you can fly the drone around as if you're sitting there on the drone but you're looking at the. App on your phone is actually a. Lot of fun and that's how they do those drawn races like in Balboa park and things like that Anyway some of these drones can carry You know up to Up to two and a, half or three pounds and some of. The really significant ones the ones that are used for actual filmmaking or commercial production can can wield up to. Seven or eight pounds and so what was done by ISIS in Syria was a simple matter of replacing the, camera mount, underneath with With some sort of mechanical release or in many cases leaving the camera and using that as guidance system and then, including a mechanical release because as you. Recall nothing happened in ISIS world unless they had video of it and so starting about five years ago you began seeing these pretty amazingly, cinematic HD drone shots of a drone undetected at about a thousand feet coming over a Syrian army position or an Iraqi army position and then it would lower in place it, would lower a couple of hundred feet. And when it seemed to be stable and the the cameras seemed fixed over one particular area like a bunch. Of fuel or munitions or whatever the the drawn would drop a adapted forty millimeter grenade that had a thin For instance like tissue paper role for a tail fin something. Really really crude but it oriented and. Stabilize the projectile in flight so it would generally fly straight down and it would blow up on impact and they did this for hundreds, of times before they finally got a success they finally got a spectacular success in the form of exploding Syrian ammo dump and It looked like they had mastered drone warfare and so they were immediately copied they. Were copied in Yemen by the who sees they were copied by. ISIS in Iraq They were copied by ISIS inspired terrorists and, Libya but the guys in Syria. Were the originators of it and really the masters of the craft so some of them Began putting stories up on YouTube or other other sort of dark, web or even, slightly light regular web read it and fortune. Started putting how to videos on how to modify common battlefield munitions like forty millimeter grenades into. An, aerial drop impact weapon and Furthermore how to modify commercially available drone something that could get off van Masan and shipped to Turkey or whatever into a killing machine now the the range of these drones generally is not really more than a mile that goes more than a. Mile than it's going off GPS at which, point you have to, know the precise location of where the bad guy is and then you you drop the munition. Well so this was Successful as a propaganda play. In Syria but really not much more it was an annoyance as the Iraqi army overran Mosul about a. Year ago, the guys. There in in, Mosul the ISIS guys they had several years to prepare for this they had an arsenal of hundreds of a cheap little drones the ones that you get, for less, than eighty bucks at target or you can get them on Alibaba Amazon and they had nothing but time to modify them and, also to teach, their man how to utilize them so the. Iraqis had a lot of men wounded a few even killed but it was really more of. An annoyance and anything else but it did produce some pretty spectacular video of for ISIS you got this video of Iraqi soldiers running around after the first one hit or when they heard overhead so anyway fast forward now in Israel the HAMAs terrorists have been using kites and, it cetera too Start. Forest fires have been using drones but these rarely authorities have, not been releasing this to. The media well the jig is up because now the Egyptians are seizing huge. Shipments of cheap drones at the HAMAs get Gaza, crossing point and so now Gaza have guys. In basements doing nothing but making drone bombs so the drone, is now the asymmetric weapon of the little guy the next step, of course is somebody in the US is, going to do this you know it because it's all over the web is easy to do and someone. Else's already redoing it so anyway that's your drone warfare update it's cheap. Is it effective it's goal is to terrorize so is it, effective yes it is is going to win a war no. All right when we come back in naval mystery from nineteen forty two the dark secret place continues right. After this, Brian in. Here to midnight, KFI AM six forty more stimulating talk Michael should pay with News Firefighters working on a brush fire that broke out this afternoon in fallbrook near the Riverside County. Line it has grown to at least two hundred twenty five. Acres it was first reported at about three ten this. Afternoon Cal fire, says roughly one hundred homes off Sandia creek drive are being a. Vacuum, waited the fires forward progress has apparently been. Stopped at this. Point a fire in Idyllwild is now said to be twenty nine percent contained thirteen thousand acres have. Burned five homes have been lost to the, flames and the man charged with starting the fire near Idyllwild and eight others has been charged with more than a dozen counts of. Arson he pleaded not guilty yesterday is being held on bail of more than three million. Dollars the man was arrested Wednesday afternoon shortly after the Cranston fire started fire burning near reading in chasta county has grown to eighty three thousand. Acres it's five percent contained five people have been. Killed five hundred and fifty homes and buildings have been. Destroyed a fire shelter in Shasta College has reached full capacity as well the evacuation centers housing five hundred people GM of the colleges fill with. Cots and American Red Cross volunteers are providing food water and. Medical and mental health services Alex stone says more evacuation. Orders may be, coming as the fire still growing about thirty eight thousand people are. Evacuated, and that number could continue to rise the. Fire is heading. South there are a number of communities that could be evacuated as the flames had that way three. Other shelters are still taking back you lease, federal judge has praised and panned the Trump administration for its efforts to return children to their illegal immigrant parents who were separated at. The border a judge in San Diego said yesterday the government gets credit for reunifying eighteen. Hundred kids with moms dads or sponsors but also says the administration needs to do a better job at reuniting more than four hundred children who. Are still separated because their parents were deported more. Deportations are on hold as the judge considers an ACL, you challenge more than thirty People. May have been killed after a bus carrying tourists plunged into a gorge in western India. Times of India, says, the bus carrying members of an agricultural university fell about five hundred feet after skidding off a mountain pass rescue teams are reporting that one. Passenger survived by, jumping out a window as the buffs fell traffic from your helpful socal. Honda traffic center crashed in, the mid city area on the ten. That's right it's going to. Be on the ten east at Vermont avenue crash now blocking the middle lane traffic is. Going to be jammed all the way. Over to national boulevard if you're traveling in the lesion park area the one ten southbound side from stadium way to sunset the right lane is shut down. For the end of the dodgers game, traffic's gonna be slow back to academy road in industry sixty east from fairway, drive to brag canyon the two right lanes going to be shut down for Catherine's work until seven AM traffic slows back to new gal street some good news for you in.

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