Trump's Trade War With China Is Officially Underway


Breaking news center I'm Barry Nelson a fatal accident at road America it took place late Friday afternoon during practice, for racist, this. Weekend at the track for the. Milwaukee region sports car, club of America, majors key w QC TV in Iowa says contributor Jim, Victor was driving in his formula continental when he crashed, the race track tells them a medical helicopter transported him to a, hospital but he died from his injuries rusty Mellberg WTMJ news no serious, injuries from a house fire in O'Connell Milwaukee Saturday morning the western lakes fired district responding to the house on south concord road finding heavy smoke coming from the rear of the home to people, were inside, and were, awakened by smoke alarms going off and the out. Crews needed fifteen minutes to get, the, fire, under control Oh Wisconsin based child advocacy organization is. Worried an undercount of children in Wisconsin during the twenty twenty cents is could affect how. Much aid the, state received from the federal government. Kids forward executive director Ken Taylor says young kids and kids of color could be missed he adds the state receives nine billion dollars in federal funds focused mostly unhealth foster, care and, childcare. Every person not counted could cost. The state fifteen hundred, dollars each President, Trump's tariffs already having an effect on local businesses Harley, Davidson announcing it will take some production overseas to alleviate, the tariffs however according to political analysts Wayne young Quist, other businesses, may soon feel the pinch including the agriculture industry suggestion for the tariffs, on the conflict with other countries there is a considerable concerned about the effect of that on agriculture young quiz says the, relationship between farmers and Washington DC has been contentious since World War Two And Wisconsin. Senator Ron Johnson on face the nation this morning talking about the US economy and the possible impact trade tariffs may have. On, the growth outlook last, six quarters we've grown an average of seven point three, percent and that's just business investment that lays the foundation for future economic growth. And my concern about the trade wars and the terraces it puts. All that potentially at risk sports traffic and weather are next WTMJ news.

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