Study estimates Puerto Rico deaths from Hurricane Maria at nearly 3,000


Puerto Rico's official death toll. From hurricane Maria is no longer in. The dozens it's in, the thousands two thousand nine hundred seventy five people estimated to have lost their lives in the six months since the category for, hurricane level much of the US territory and left millions of Americans, without power clean water. Or food the Puerto Rican government commission independent researchers from George Washington University to estimate the death toll the numbers twenty two percent higher than the number. Of deaths Puerto Rico would. Have expected the same six-month period had there not. Been hurricane she. Ws. Dr Lynn Goldman says the elderly in the poorest were most. At risk we feel very strongly that lesson from this is that efforts for assistance in recovery need to focus as much as possible on lower income areas on people who are who are older people who are. More vulnerable even though it's been nearly a year since Hurricane, Maria struck the islands still in recovery mode. And this year's, Atlantic hurricane, season does not officially end. Until

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