Houston Astros to give extension to manager A.J. Hinch


They look like I'm not trying. To pick some. Up on, the, subway happily married right it's just not fashion, forward but I would never say of course. Is. Not neither. Am, I. Have. You usually look good around me I look. Good I mean dude. Have you seen mean TV close for. This? But you can pull it, off screen, up nice clean up okay boo Hoo It's really important. Turn to. Your, colleague and big. You're wearing Dorking cool could turn, to be like dude I know you've played football but the super. Tight shirt your overselling it we get it you've got your workout like almost a little insecure but I wouldn't say that's not nice drives here in a white Ferrari I've seen a dozen does I told them off my career's yeah hey you got it I got. It so. Stop being, mad enough wanted all right sorry, continue number five, according to, FOX twenty-six in Houston the Astros will sign. Manager AJ Hinch to a, contract extension tomorrow, the forty four year old manager was previously. Under a club. Option for next season since taking over the team at two thousand, fifteen? Inches of

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