Chicago Cubs pitcher Cole Hamels takes dig at Milwaukee Brewers fans



Milwaukee is in the midst of a pennant race they. Are four games behind the Chicago Cubs right now in the? NL central And. The cubs brewers just started a series and the cubs actually lost game one So while the brewers have had a decent fan base and I'm not sure loyals. The, greatest word Cole hamels had to call out the fan base and here's why now Chicago is ninety miles from Milwaukee right it's about ninety miles forty four thousand four hundred sixty. Two, fans in attendance were there But yet it, just seemed that there were a lot of Chicago. Cubs fans In attendance in Milwaukee for a road game now When Anthony Rizzo hits a home run off Josh Peter in the eighth. Inning The crowd starts, cheering as. If, it was a cubs game that gave the cubs, a three, two lead now if the place is loaded more with brewers. Fans Miller park you would think that there'd be a, lot more booing going. Unsaid of hearing a lot of cheers fray, visiting player hitting a home run Right, now you would think So Cole hamels Said this, about it quote when you have the majority of cubs fans. In the stands I don't know if that's a rivalry there aren't going to like me, for the comment but look at the ticket sales when they start to get a little closer in their, fans sell out then I think that's kind, of the understanding but cubs. Fans travel well Last year, they offered tickets their home games against, the cubs for Wisconsin residents only now his last winter that's what they did before then opening them up to residents of other states so even though they first opened up the ticket offers for the home. Games against the cubs this year to his constant residents only, apparently there's either a healthy secondary market of Milwaukee Brewers fans willing to sell their tickets the cubs, fans to make some money because this is probably the series. Where they can charge a high amount of money for the tickets or the ticket sales, strictly for Wisconsin residents didn't do their job and when it was opened up to residents of other states, the cubs fans then pounds down the bundle, of tickets that were unsold There's nothing worse. Though when you are at home any visiting player hits a, home run or gets a big strikeout and the place erupts as if Something good happen for the home team when in fact it's because of the visiting team shouldn't happen I don't know people wanna. Stick up from, a walkie brewers fans but it shouldn't

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