Some U.S Cities will pay you to move there


In, this new phase of the US economy one marked by a shortage of? Workers rather than jobs civic leaders in Hamilton, Ohio and, elsewhere are asking themselves why not pay people to move here it's a story by Wall Street Journal reporter Shinde race shandy what's going on Air is potentially a worker shortage where companies. Just can't find enough people to fill all the jobs that they have open, and so some places especially smaller cities small towns rural areas are offering? To pay people money to move there it's, incredible, what, a, swing from like Two thousand eight two thousand nine right was fixed those kids. Graduating college then who couldn't find anything Yeah now you'll? Get a job and you'll get money towards your, student loan debt it's incredible so who's doing what what kind of things they dangling So one of the places that we profile pretty deeply. In the story is a city at Hamilton Ohio it's about an hour from Cincinnati and this is one of these kind of. Standard rust belt, cities it was once a hub for manufacturing paper mills and, safe, manufacturers that, was once known as the safe capital of the world but you, know there, was a downturn in manufacturing and by the early two. Thousands you know all those paper mills and. Manufacturers had last and obviously you had. You, know the recession and the whole city was sort of decimated the downtown became just full of dilapidated buildings there was a two percent occupancy rate well the economy started turning the. City started really investing and trying to buy up, the buildings and trying to bring employers back to the area and they've had some pretty decent success the, problem, is that they don't have the people and this is an issue that is. Sort of. Going on all over? The midwest and the northeast where The population growth has just been really, tap it especially in the labor force people in their prime working years between twenty five and fifty, four To, try to really convince young. People come live in our. Downtown hopefully that'll dry even more young people downtown and they. Can try to you know create a? Priding urban center, sounds like a great opportunity when we say these cities are paying people to move there in what ways. Are they paying, them so in Hamilton, they, are offering young people who are willing to live downtown. Five thousand dollars towards their student loan debt in some places like in north Platte Nebraska, they're just willing to give you. Ten thousand dollars cash if you move there and you commit to living. There for a certain amount of time some places are offering you land some places are offering you money towards the. Down payment on a home the idea is to, just sort of give people an extra added incentive to come to these places who's offering land I think. North Platte jeez yeah that's unbelievable I there was one guy in your story university of, South Dakota economists whose call this. Like a modern day homestead act yeah exactly I mean that's the idea. Like just just come here and we will give you money I made a mistake if Marnie Iowa that's offering hunt Well that's, really something we're speaking with Wall Street Journal reporter Shane. D racer, stories called how bad is the labor shortage. Cities will pay you to, move there now that say without the promise of job they want. You to move, there and then look or you I think you need to, probably have a job but I mean it's not very hard to. Get, one in these places you know you don't necessarily have to have a job I? Think like in Hamilton, they. Give, you a. Certain, amount of time to find a job, but you know part of the whole issue is that there's this worker shortage. So, it's. Not too, hard to find a job in these

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