Trump says U.S., EU working towards 'zero' tariffs on industrial goods


Commission come to an agreement entree avoiding a further escalation of, trade tensions the president said the European Union would now by more soybeans liquefied natural gas from the US. And both sides said they would. Work to eliminate tariffs on industrial goods this is, why we agreed today first of all to work together toward zero tariffs zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies Or non auto industrial goods in addition existing. Tariff plans will now be put on hold while the steel and, aluminum tariffs that President Trump imposed earlier this year will now be reexamined toxins. John Tucker at the White House, secretary of state Mike Pompeo, facing tough questions from senators this afternoon he was quizzed about the president's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin Trump believes that too great nuclear powers should not have they contentious relationship second meeting between the president and Putin put. Off until next year. A federal judge. Rejecting a, bid by, President Trump to dismiss lawsuits accusing him of accepting gifts from foreign, and state governments through his Washington hotel. FOX's Grenell Scott, has this live Lisa federal judge says Maryland, and the district of Columbia can move forward with a suit alleging that the president used his Trump International. Hotel in DC to take foreign. Payments such a practice without congressional permission would run, afoul of the constitutions emoluments clause Such a suit, could mean the president's financial records including is not before seeing income taxes could. Be subpoenaed a Justice department spokesman, insists the case should be dismissed he says gee DOJ is reviewing the ruling decide next steps which could include seeking reversal before an appeals court Lisa thanks Cornell Wall Street at the close the Dow gained one seventy two Fox News fair and balanced KLBJ news time. Five oh two good afternoon I'm Eric like I'm this news a. Service of Financial Engines Williamson county sheriff's office working at a fevered, pitch to press animal cruelty charges after. Finding fourteen dead dogs, cats and birds at northwest Georgetown property Robert showed he says the home the animals, were founded was in such horrible condition they had to bring. In has man teams to, seize them, altogether officers. Brought in fifty three animals from the property right now those animals. Are in our custody and there's an arrest warrant times fifteen counts. For cruelty. To non lifestyle cruel. Confinement Jodi says the homeowner was in the hospital for a few days before, they were called in but adds that does not explain. Some of the dead animals they found in Williamson county. John cooling, NewsRadio, KLBJ it doesn't appear a legal solution to the issue of migrant families being separated at the. Border, is coming out of. The US Senate anytime soon KLBJ's Chris FOX reports, the US, Senate has reject To partisan. Bills on the matter Texas Senator John Cornyn the majority whip doesn't believe a bipartisan solution is possible he supported a. Republican Bill that would allow families, to be, detained together. While they, work their way through the court system I believe, we need to keep families together also we need to enforce the law in some cases what that means, is we need to detain people in. A safe and secure, place he'd, also called for more immigration judges to speed up. The process the Democrats version honored the Flora's settlement which places. Restrictions on how long children can be detained at the capitol Chris. FOX News Radio KLBJ through the end of twenty twenty one qualified, veterans will be allowed to drive on. Area toll roads free, of charge the program will begin in November but as CTRM as John Langmore says, it will lead to a lot of laws e to a. Lot of laws e to, a lot, of loss. To a lot of lost revenue for the mobility over eight years. That would be fourteen point three million dollars CTRM as hoping to. State legislature. Will step in and. Fund this program but if That doesn't happen the program will be allowed to expire in veterans would then be charged to drive on toll roads once again police say someone found a dead body this. Morning downtown Austin officer destiny Winston said it was in the eight o'clock hour in the seventeen hundred block of east. Fifth street April The scene is being investigated by homicide detectives KLBJ news. Time, five oh. Four take a look at Austin's on time traffic brought to you by Thomas J Henry, injury attorneys in round rock. Hyundai here's Melinda. Brand plenty of congestion out there on all the, freeways and if you're headed south on thirty five right around Runberg, lane actually just passed. It we've got a rack or a stalled vehicle that's taking up the right. Lane so it's causing a slight. Delay we also have a wreck of run three sixty northbound at cedar, street and we're looking at solid delays all the way back past plus call lane and a a collision of riverside drive eastbound at willow creek Dr Melinda Bryant with on time traffic and a. Live look at your KLBJ radar. Weather watch with staff. Meteorologist Bob Larsen is going to be so bad here. Tomorrow the hamming ozone action day That's what happens when you. Have an extended heat wave very. Little flow and, the atmosphere not much wind in the ozone pollutants. Build up and fortunately that's the. Case at this point mostly clear sky tonight low seventy five deals sunshine tomorrow and Friday a. Little bit hazy and very definitely hot item are one hundred two high Friday what a, one for..

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