Boys rescued from Thai cave ordained at Buddhist temple


One hundred two year old record for Today I'm Tim. Maguire a group of Thai youth soccer. Players are preparing to be ordained as Buddhist Navistar a week after being released from the hospital after being trapped in a. Cave in northern Thailand for more than two weeks. Eleven of the. Twelve boys who were rescued during, a daring mission earlier this month have had. Their. Heads, shaved head of Wednesday's ordination ceremony only one of the, boys will not. Be ordained because he's not Buddhist. The boys coach, who was with them, in the cave has also had his head shaved he'll be ordained on Wednesday. As a Buddhist monk an heiress to the Seagram's liquor fortune has been charged in a sensational sex trafficking case involving the founder of a group accused of branding, women AP correspondent Julie Walker reports Claire Rothman aired the Seagram liquor fortune is being arraigned in federal court after being arrested on racketeering charges according to the US attorney's Office prosecutors. Say Rothman gave millions of dollars to support. Keith Ranieri and his Nexium group Ranieri and former smallville actress Allison Mack were already charged with coercing women into joining a secret society becoming sex slaves and getting branded with his, initials for Offman denies any wrongdoing three other women Cathy Russell Warren. Saltzman in Nancy saucepan were also arrested and charged with racketeering Julie Walker. New York foul smelling discolored water that made its way into the Niagara. River last summer shouldn't show up again according to the Niagara Falls waterboard board members say. They've made changes to the wastewater treatment plant that, should prevent any more discharges a year after discolored water spewed from the plant and turn the water black in front of tourists near the. Base of Niagara Falls, board members, say there's been a culture shift at the plant that includes better training and equipment the board says the digital upgrades will take place Over the next.

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