Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in St. Charles County


This week I checked around yesterday and. Didn't see many. Signs on businesses welcoming the president perhaps out of concern for employees than any backlash they might get well that could change in. The remaining hours leading up to visit. This afternoon we'll keep you posted live in front of Greenwich city's city hall Brad tote NewsRadio eleven twenty. Camelot's news time eight oh five, to Saint Louis county council members are accused of using the council's public open meeting to spread unsubstantiated political. Rumors just, two weeks ahead of an election Ernie trae gifts and Sam page dropped a potential bombshell on. Tuesday, night but offered no proof other than saying they each have a source page even admitted to our Michael, Calhoun he hadn't double check the allegation before taking it public. I did not I did not contact the county police and all depend on you all to follow up and see what they. Have to say I don't think they'll lie to you. We're not reporting on this specific allegation because we can't independently confirm it when asked We? Asked county police spokesperson said we are not involved Cordell Whitlock, spokesman for county, executive see stinger says quote we have no knowledge of this matter it's highly inappropriate and unethical for traits and page to make such statements based. On unsubstantiated political rumors yet another political stunt and quote is disclosed, the rumor, while talking about the counsel's inquiry. Into. The economic development partnership in port authority council members are considering issuing subpoenas to get staffers from the two agencies to testify. News time is eight oh six you can add Saint Charles county to the list of places where mosquitos have, tested positive for West Nile virus the Saint Charles county division of environmental health and protection announced mosquitoes collected. Tuesday of tested positive for West Nile they cautioned residents. Should not be. Alarmed or panicked by the finding but simply aware and vigilant in their efforts to avoid mosquito bites Saint Louis and Jefferson counties. Both recently announced that they also have. Found mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus when you think of Detroit you think of cars Seattle has airplanes Boston, medicine San Francisco apps well a new report from. The Brookings metropolitan study, program, holds up Saint Louis as an example. For cities who want to own an industry in Saint Louis is case it's technology is crucial to try. Out Boston Boston right figure out what you're really good at and you can create a robust value proposition and build on that. And so for the Ag tech fantastic the value proposition is if you wanna be proximal to some of. The best. Plant and food research in the world look no further than Saint Louis more plan PHD's than anywhere in the. World with close to a thousand that Sam Fiorello chief operating officer, of the Danforth plant science center Brookings ways. Cities on five factors including taking the long view versus a quick, bump and job Lewis county recently hired its first ever chief diversity, officer sixty eight year old. Jack Thomas junior Saint Louis native who spent the past decade is director. Of disadvantaged business enterprises at, the Jackson Mississippi airport He also worked a similar. Role at Lambert Airport he began, his new role last week we're trying to change the culture of an organization and that Has not been concentrated on that they didn't have. Dedicated staff, which we. Do now Thomas is currently by himself and hopes to appoint a staff up to a half dozen in the near..

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