Kraft Heinz recalling cheese dip on botulism risk


The vodka Trump line last year after sacking sales and most recently Hudson Bay did the same WCBS news time twelve eighteen Traffic every ten. Minutes on, the eastbound on the southern state on Long Island that construction continues to block a lane. At the wantagh Parkway and it is causing some slowdowns Sharon called us about that earlier you're looking at. About a mile two mile, and a half of a backup because of this construction of the northern state and the e. both right now are moving well moving into Brooklyn still very slow inbound Golan is northbound BQ we up to cabin plaza battery tunnel into Brooklyn is a little slow as well bell, Parkway eastbound delays getting to Pennsylvania Avenue because of roadwork westbound. Delays also with the Pennsylvania Avenue and. Again also because of roadwork westbound l. e. at eightieth street broken down vehicle in the left lane you're slow from the fairgrounds grand central's a little slow to on the westbound side by LaGuardia through that. Kids rushing FDR still some pockets of traffic to southbound between the arcade triborough bridge and the fifty ninth street bridge and in the Bronx on the. Southbound Degan on the ramp from the cross Bronx you still have. An accident or rather disabled tractor trailer there that's got the. Acceleration lane blocked off this report is sponsored by Dell Hudson river crossings Still slow inbound at the Lincoln it's about thirty and our hitting the. WB on the westbound cross Bronx about half an hour on, the inbound side and a okay as of right now at. The. Holland tunnel both into the city and heading back to New Jersey Dell small business technology advisors no there's nothing small about. Your business they provide one on one partnership and reliable LPC's with, Intel core processors. Call eight seven seven by. Dell our next traffic update less than ten minutes away on WCBS and our update. On the, forecast we're going to get that right now with meteorologist Bob Larsen clouds at a few. Sunny breaks the Sancho bore Banja bit breezy with a couple of showers and thunderstorms any shower can bring. A heavy downpour high around, eighty degrees periods of rain thunderstorm tonight some of the rain tonight we'll be heavy lows seventy two quads followed by some sunshine tomorrow they'll still be a shower thunder at spots continued warm high eighty four quite warm and humid on Friday partly sunny could be heavy and gusty, thunderstorm late Friday afternoon high eighty seven so the chance of. Showers Saturday otherwise partly sunny high eighty. Six partly sunny on Sunday high eighty four sunshine Followed by clouds on Sunday turning humid again with a, shower, or thundershower possible he. Had, a high temperature eighty four right. Now it's seventy eight in Ridgewood queens seventy four and Perth. Amboise Seventy-seven import Washington, and, seventy four degrees. Mostly cloudy skies at central park WCBS news time twelve twenty be careful about your caso CBS's. Diane king hall tells us about a new recall Kraft Heinz is recalling seven thousand cases of its Taco Bell cheese dip because of botulism risk that cheese dips being. Recalled are fifteen cases of Taco Bell sausa- con case oh mild cheese dip Atta best, when used by date ranging from October thirty first, two thousand eighteen, to January twenty third twenty. Nineteen no cases though of the onus have. Been reported, so far a, minor crisis is coming to head. In Germany German brewers are putting out the word if people, want more beer. They have to bring back their. Empty, bottles there's a shortage of, bottles not beer they have plenty of that Germany charges a deposit on those bottles which is, refunded when people, bring them back to a, store however beer sales have been strong this summer. And people have not been too quick to return the bottles so the brewers. Are, coming up short if, you have the blues at work it turns, out that sharing is caring CBS news correspondent Jim. Chenevey explained. Depressed at work maybe you should. Talk it over with the boss a new study, finds. It managers who show concerns for their employees problems end up, with more productive workers who take less. Time off the findings based on data on more. Than sixteen thousand, employees and their, managers in the US and fourteen other countries suggested many people. Suffer depression at some point in their working lives but. Often don't disclose their conditions or get professional help because they're afraid of repercussions Jim Chenevey CBS news there's a. Cool new way to get around but you will need a charger, CBS news correspondent Deborah Rodriguez explains on the. Way from the people who, brought us. The segue electric roller skates The company has debuted its drift w ones your own shooed souls are secured on top of a single wheeled skate with rubbery pads on top with a slight lean in any direction you roll away the skates are battery operated the ride lasts for up to.

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