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Serena Williams hits out again at drug testing 'discrimination'


And the six eighty, WCBS Marilyn center Baltimore County. Police say, a thirty one. Year, old substitute teacher faces multiple child abuse sexual, assault charges Scott Thomas mckernan of Essex had inappropriate physical and sexual contact with a nine. Year old girl that he was babysitting in tutoring police in Baltimore, County school officials don't believe he had inappropriate behavior with children. While working as a substitute teacher on school property Gruden began babysitting in tutoring the nine year old girl in September of two thousand seventeen a union official. Says civilian pilots who fly helicopters for Maryland state police are in short supply leaving the unit without reserve. Capability Maryland state police spokeswoman Elena Russo confirmed that, the, MSP aviation unit has fourteen vacancies an American Red Cross. Chapter says it's opened a shelter for storm victims headed central Maryland chapter offices in, Baltimore, the agency sites forecasts which calls for more rain gusty winds And the potential for flooding and property damage in the next twenty four hours in sports tennis Serena Williams complained on social media. That it's tests Serena time again and she wants more hit. Out at the frequency at which she is selected for anti-doping tests the twenty three time grand slam champion tweeted and it's that, time of day to get randomly drug tested and only test cerita Serena out of. All the players it's been proven, I'm the one getting tested the most discrimination I think so at least I'll, be keeping the sport, clean your Weather Channel forecast is next Back, in, the, seventies, when, I was young life was all about surfing rock and. Roll and hitchhiking across the, country, but, things, changed, very, quickly by the time I found. A steady job got married and had kids I had to start thinking about retirement, so I invested in unicycle bonds by Hennion. And Walsh..

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