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Hospitalized yesterday for an apparent heroin overdose After being. Found unconscious in her, Hollywood hills home she is awake and responsive she's doing okay according to. Her family her last release song was called, sober Okay History of substance. Abuse Jealous much Roseanne Barr stampeding into the controversy around the fiery of guardians. Of the galaxy director James Gunn after old tweets of his making light of. Pedophilia rape has resurfaced Disney fired. Him off the project Barr says she was disgusted by the support that Hollywood is, rallying behind James Gunn but is tossed aside I think she's right here this guy was making jokes about, pedophilia and stuff and The, the bunch, of Hollywood actors and actresses are rallying behind. Him but Roseanne Barr questions Valerie Jarrett and she gets canceled and becomes a pariah Bob cat Gulf weight is supporting. James Gunn asking Disney to. Remove, his voice from the world. Of color park attraction that'd be a great loss, yeah Why is it. Good no sucks it does. Okay Marvel star Dave. Teesta was in the last guardians of the galaxy he says that the Disney. Gave into cyber Nazis with James Gunn being fired so this is what we're sandbars talking, about the kind of report Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon house deleted his Twitter. Account after a fake baby rape video. Went, viral, there's an upstanding citizen? Of the. Community jeez. Jeez Chance the rapper announced this week he had. Acquired Chicago is website that cover Chicago's news and culture and vowed a new rap song, he would use it to run you racist blank out of the business and he. Wants to reform Rambo did fishermen will, to, resign So, he's, after Rahm Emanuel. And finally a wide ranging interview published more than a. Month after his death celebrity chef, Anthony, bourdain slamming, the Clintons. For the way they quote dismantled destroyed and shamelessly discredited multiple women accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct quote Bill Clinton. Look the Bimbo eruptions it was Blancan monstrous that would not have flown, today a piece of blank entitled, rape rapi groping grabby disgusting The, way, that he, and, she destroyed these. Women in the way that everyone went along and are. Blind to this screamingly apparent hypocrisy, and, finale quote. Wow Posthumous slam from chef, boarding When we go as not to be confused with chef boyardee Thank you Thank you northbound eight. Ninety five there was a broken down. Vehicle temporarily so we're on the, move again but 895 backs up coming into the toll plaza that's northbound at the old Harbour Tunnel and ninety five south is slowing between Donald straight and the plaza at the. Fort MAC finally got a chance to go back and look at that after all the. Other problems so delays, each weight both. The tunnels. That's wonderful by the way of you have to compete with Joe Hozni the Maroma caused for, your boy our d. he's a. Boyardee aficionado apparently he notified us that they're located right here. In Maryland The producer extraordinaire are you a boy RDA the family's, gotta they gotta waterfront place over. There okay so this is coming from years of collecting cans Boyardee products Nikola can that's what. You. Have to do when you live at the junkyard To collect cans and bottles is that right He's. Got an attitude Minutes Should've.

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