Allison Mack faces more sex-cult charges as Seagram heiress, 3 others are arrested


On this rather. Rainy, Wednesday at eight forty but hey the. Sun came out for somebody yes name is Brad Koertzen Burg from Melville he was the first caller correctly identified. That, this. Was the, Mets nuts turning point of the game to pitch hi Dr bike Conforto. Deep to right back to the tracks Renfro. In front of the bullpen it's going to go, home run per Michael Conforto Up. Come the apple and the Mets are. Ahead five to two and it went on to beat San Diego six to three behind, sack Wheeler they play again this afternoon, in early game at Citi field weather permitting our coverage here on wwl or begins, at, eleven o five this morning guess here on w. o. r. now here's. A, story lend that is really creepy we've talked about it in the, past remember that sex cult next to him I think they have. You, see the thing written. Out, and. This has come. Up before but this is a crazy store ex. I, the, m and it's this sex called. The, ringleaders a guy a real creep oh. Named Keith Regnier and women were recruited to basically become his sex slaves well four more people have been arrested. For, their. Participation in, this call including Clare Bronfman who is an heir to the Seagram's lesser. Forty yeah you know the Bronfman yeah sure Canadian She was, one of these people who tried to recruit, young women wow join into this. Cult she's been charged with the sex trafficking and she also bankrolled they say that she bankrolled this cult she put in money to. This wrong. With her Keith Ren year to get this call going and they were recruiting women. Renier Merv Amway salesman and multilevel marketing. Schemer they call him he founded this. Cult in the late nineteen ninety s with a nurse named Nancy Saltzman who was trained, in hypnosis and apparently she would hypnotize, some of these young women they recruited to have sex with Reynier and they were, branded, on their skin branded branded yes with his initials remember there was an. Actress, who is all small the woman from Allison Mack from smallville yeah, shoes involved in his too and they went out and they try. To, convince other young women to, join. This It's. Called the latest. Person arrest arrested is Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman. It's a Creepshow already still these women have to do or these young girls that were made up to have sex with this. Guy with the guy yes no it was the whole point of the call was with? Him, you had sex. With him in a brand kind of brand you, with his initials is if you were. Cattle, this is upstate somewhere right, yes it's got a whole Charles Manson say that's exactly why that's crazy yeah anyway I found this story I love I. Love a post headline it. Says Bill de Blasio don't ask. Me what's going on the. City hall that's the post headline don't ask me what's going on in the city this is interesting though so he's trying to. Avoid, a, deposition he doesn't want to sit for this deposition on a. Legal case involving civil rights so he claims he doesn't micromanage he says his mayor I said broad goals and, objectives but while I, sometimes? Get, briefed on specific decisions I typically do not have unique knowledge on. The. Subject This is the mayor the mayor I dunno. Stuff I got briefed on stuff. And I really know it on the treadmill says I base my, approval or disagreement of the agency's. Decision on the. Information the basis decision, on the information is provided to them? So but the. Headline, is, don't ask me what's going on but in his defense here is no. No no he claims that the suit dates, back more, than twenty five, years before we took office he says just one of many that long? Predate his administration so that. Would, be an, excuse not, to want to sit for a deposition it's twenty five. Year old case but. I just. Think it's funny that the. Whole premise, is well I don't know what's going on don't ask me I'm. Only the mayor how. Would he know what's going on he's never hear. Oh boy he's always, off giving a speech somewhere or he's. Up at Bernie Sanders read baby diaper camp up there in Vermont you know in. The canoe paddling away with a. Bunch of other comedies, are who's, this other democrat you. Wanna take a shot oh my favorite you know, I think my favorite politician of all time is Matt Bad Maxine Waters I. Love, Maxine she is just so crazy she is out there she is exhibit, a. in Trump dementia syndrome or she she says she's, been, saying impeach Trump's today took the oath she also the, day before he took, she also urged, urged, people. To go if you see anyone who works at the administration you go right up to. Them at ruin their dinner you throw food in their finger. Is that after the redhead incident with Sarah Sanders was after mad Maxine a. Curler so is that what happens. Accused of Nielsen out somewhere it was that because of Maxine well, Maxine jumped on when all this. Stuff was going. On and when some, Democrats were saying you know this is? Probably inappropriate to. Bother, these, people when they're out with their families mad Maxine doubling down geez at. You go out there and for those people, you shake, your finger at, them you shame them for what they're doing the news now well she? Got a package with anthrax. Scrawled, across it, it was, delivered to Mad Max scenes office it's not her name L. see. People take, offense to that that's not a name Maxine what. She's a congresswoman have you heard her. She's nuts okay Len just listen you. Played cuts of her she is listened with both, ears plug on plug on anyway the package, was determined. To be safe by authorities so there was no anthrax in it and now, an investigation is in place well the. President has just tweeted oh? We're wondering when he was. Going to react to the release. Of, the audiotape between himself and his former attorney Michael Cohen. And he tweets what kind of, a lawyer, would say up a client so sad is this a I never heard of. It before, why was, the, tape so abruptly terminated and he put cut in, parenthesis I maybe his supporters understand. What Terminator b.'s wrote cut why was why was the. Tape, cut while I was presumably saying positive things I. Hear there are other clients and many reports. That are taped can This be so too, bad Interesting. Well he has a point I think Michael komo's pretty. Sleazy taping without his permission good guest coming. Up next. To discuss this we do we got lots of Trump stuff, to discuss with ABC news. White House correspondent Karen Travers she. Joins us, after the break but hey I want to, tell you ladies and gentlemen do you suffer? From sunspots and Brown spots discoloration and even those. Ugly red inflamed gross patches if you, do then listen to me you've got to get the. Brand new Genucel sunspot remover here's. 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