US, China raise tariffs in new round of trade dispute


The United States and. China have imposed new, tariffs on each other's goods in the latest stage of their trade war low level officials from both sides meeting in Washington to try to resolve the dispute which the White House blames. On unfair trade practices by Beijing, China, correspondent Robyn Brent. Reports from Shanghai for the second time the US has imposed tariffs and China has retaliated sixteen billion dollars worth of trade, on either side that's equivalent to just over twelve. Billion pounds will be hit by. New twenty-five percent tariffs the US has targeted chemicals metals and railway equipment China has focused on goods ranging from fishmeal to scrap metal to golf carts efforts to try to end the. Standoff continued but the expectation of a good outcome is low President Trump said early this week he did not anticipate much to come from the meeting in a sign though that China's leader things head side is getting it right president Xi Jinping was, quoted in a speech yesterday Praising his government's propaganda effort some who've worried about the fervently nationalistic tone that's been adopted but Mr. she said it was absolutely

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