Midweek Mystery! - MOMO!


Welcome to the fast, the premiere episode of mid week, mystery dumber won't be doing voice all the way through this episode is about the Momo challenge. So the Momo challenge, what is that your mask? Well, it's a game, a new game, and I say, game and vetted commerce that's currently hitting the headlines kids. Darren, each other to contact the mysterious Momo that's ammo ammo through what's up and await Momo's response, which will be a series of challenges. Now you could write it off as harmless. Spooky fun except Momo threatens to come to you at night and cash. You if you do not complete the challenge, not only that, but Momo's challenges get more and more dangerous and scary each step with the alleged last challenge being the participants suicide, yes, you add suicide, which Momo asks to be filmed and put on social media as an offering to Momo watt the living hell. Now, players invented speech marks of the game. If you can call them that have said Momo has sent them horrific images via watts up and even call them with. Victim only hair and screams and chilling sounds. Now if you Google Momo, you'll see a horrific image of Gail with an elongated face, huge protruding guys, deep eerie, massive smile. Now, apparently, and rather, obviously Momoh currently has a very non paranormal explanation following the death of one of Momo's victims in Brazil. Policemen to track down in eighteen year old girl who had sets up a momoa count on what's up, and she's being questioned by police in reference to the death. Now, apparently Momo is simply is simply a character for bullies to hide behind and do their horrible deeds on their behalf. And the pitcher while Japanese piece of art which has been around for a few years called bed mama. Now, similar craze called the blue whale craze took place in Russia for years ago. Now, blue whale was basically an online game which would set different daily challenges to over fifty for over fifty consecutive days. And the final challenge was again the place aside over one hundred thirty people completed that game shall we say. So in closing, if you had any Young's to saying that this is happening to them all the friends address it immediately because joking aside kids can be horrible little GATS. And if I was a youngster are probably messaging Mojo Mojo. Now we'll be your Mojo, but I'll be messaging Momo thing and it was a demon or something, and waiting for reply back as opposed to emotionally backwards, dragged up. Kids need to slap send in the messages. So that's Momo if you talks about to chat with me until next time Jao for now.

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