How to build your personal brand through podcasting

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This episodes all about building your personal brand with podcasting, we speak with several executive coaches, consultants thought leaders and business advises on how they are using podcasting to connect more deeply with their audiences and engage on issues. There. Tribes care about first Zoe. Routh is the latest Shakespeare who inspires big thinkers with big hearts to make a difference. So he's podcast is being an experiment in the making and an experiment that's really paid off. My podcast is. Named very creatively Zoe, wrath leadership podcast. So I didn't put too much effort into the title. The reason I started it is I wanted to expand my audience. So I wanted positioning and I wanted visibility and. I really wanted to focus on eventually after after about half actually about fifty episodes. I worked at that I wanted focus on boundless leadership, so narrow down my topic to really think about that. And boundless leadership is all about dissolving barriers to success and exploring what's possible. That's the real boundless piece. What challenges did you have in doing it. Well, the challenges were getting it setup. All the tech stuff was completely new to me. So I had to do lots of research in a very cramped scheduled to try and work out what pieces of equipment I needed, how to get it set up how to get it linked up to tunes, which I have to say was an exercise in. Anxiety doing that. It was so complicated and round and round and round in circles until I finally worked it out God. That was that was a huge challenge. So I think those the challenges have been technology related, you know, and then interviewing people. And then the sound quality was crap because the connection was bad. So that was been a huge, huge challenge. And I guess probably the second challenge is all about content creation. So because I post weekly, that's a lot of content to generate, whether I do it in two ways. I do it through interviews and I also do it through my own. General broadcasting. So I present different ideas and content for the audience as well as interviewing other experts. So keeping on top of the content production, it has been the second challenge. What advice would you give podcasting took me about half a year maybe or maybe even close to year to really get more focused on my message and the topic wanted to cover, and I think more focused is better. So of more specific audience, more specific topic makes it paradoxically easier to to generate content on, said, n people find it more attractive because they know your pockets is about black and they can go in and really get what they need out of that. So I find that twos that I enjoy podcast or more specific like that with very particular angle as opposed to general one. So that's the first thing. I guess the second thing is to have a regular cadence because if you do it frequently enough and for me, it's weekly, you get into routine of that and you get used. Generating the constant thinking about it and your audience spills as as result that's zoey Ralph. Another brand later is Travis Bill, but has been a nine is the bucket least guy. He encourages people, he's fellows and anyone who he's speaking seminars to write down a list of things I would like to do before they die. He's podcast he says, is a powerful way to broaden he's message. Awesome podcast, is I, I listen to them self. It's a classic. You know, when you go for walk, run workout, you know, on doing something else can listen to podcasts, wait a minute. We the great. It's really odd to to. To what video is tied. So all everyone's VDI VDI video video. You can't. You can't what? Under some annals. You have to shuttle down in the multi task video, so you can not driving. For instance, I do all my Omar podcast listening during driving, why did I do put casts to get access to provide a platform so I could make cool PayPal, the doing stuff that I've gotten it works big of them on a cold database climbing and to ridge. They sort of playful and because on January, a very curious person in our love, just discovering headed someone do that. So familiy the business people are more at role models authors out the Spade is might be. Who champions of Coors is all people down Africa's few Everest. Summer sausage is on.

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