NFL preseason roundup: Bridgewater, Darnold sharp for Jets


Jets have an awful offensive line and teddy Bridgewater is absolutely viable on an open market. You can get stuff for teddy Bridgewater to me. He's a starter for about eight teams in this league. So you're the jets shrinks and you got darnold the schedule's pretty workable early. Some winnable games DEA play teddy. Win a couple show him off and trade him. You know, this is what the eagles did. Bradford got picks moved up. What are they going to do in New York with Bridgewater and darnold both. I think good enough to play Bridgewater though. I think pri- better today and certainly tradeable. Well, Colin, I'm pretty connected with those jets guys and they also same thing what an embarrassment of riches because it's not just Bridgewater who looks good and it's not just Josh mccown viable starter in the NFL. Also they have three guys. I would be surprised if they traded teddy Bridgewater. Here's the reason why he's twenty five years old. He's taken a team to the playoffs and he's been the ultimate

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