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Stadium, radio got my guys on to be the voice of the UK was funny, and I think he did a good job, but it's just the lead up. It's just to know what it sounds like. It sounds like mucking people. Have a listen. That makes three toady on its warning by the way, the straighten accents and it's it's voidable the fried. And one of them is called Jodi on the other one is called soda. Don't ask me. I don't know that's on about and soda here. Another liked tonight. Six eighty degrees south warning sunny, which will be known right now. Everybody knows prepared ice that we should. We should do it way. Gonna act charity and Saudi. Good morning. I'd light more than on KOA this lawn. Oh, I am Jack. This is Danielle Chuck Daniel, Jack delegated like that drink. Right. Eleven degrade Sida spirit thought for Palmy friends at the moment. Bit racist. They have an amber heat. Health watch warning has been issued for parts of England this week because they are bracing themselves for a heatwave. What does that mean? I hate wave over their knees when temperatures are predicted to hit thirty degrees during the day and degrees at night. Don't love for those for those some by the way, if you're guns take a little dig. It goes get it right. Heatwaves anything over twenty. Thank you very much needs to be thirty. Could we twenty two degrees and sweating turn is in her own. Well, our English friends tomorrow for you guys because of these, of course, north on there are thirty one degrees, Thursday, thirty, three Friday thirty to you. I in a national emergency. Let's head to the old dot right now l. might Gav is they get I gave how are you buddy? Hi, how you doing morning importantly evening as as I here? Yes. For importantly, give hell you doing and its evening has it? Is it cooled down somewhat? So that guy's voice. Going to give now someone holding him by the throat. Come on, you Stein. Let's go to gave now who's on the phone gone, right? If it's hard to at least. I'll stay fine. I'll sign the contract. Of never. I'm not a affair with the straight in radio, but it's it seemed quite a dusty places out straight. Right, right. It's Rodham erode him, win pot. Let's go speeds. It gave game. Gave is in England. MIDA car. Brave. Brave, play more play a wide ever-widening songs. That's the other thing as well. We were saying that's drop line is they play? What is it? Why? Music variety, a wider music variety. So you know variety. Imagine why go. You could be eighty Semtex nearly guide what they mean by that. Chris is eight hundred ninety.

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