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Eighteen see dealer for details It's not unusual for drug gangs to offer bounties on cops but this Cup is a dog though Rakoff reports her name is Sambre or shadow and she is very, very good, at her job the, six year old German shepherd has sniffed out over nine tons of cocaine in her career with the. Colombian police era banjos drug gang has issued a seven hundred thousand dollar hit on Sambre so police are taking no chances moving the dog from the gangs heartland of the airport at Bogota and signing extra officers to improve her safety during her drug. Deployments Bill Rakoff CBS news rocket plane at virgin galactic. Hopes will one day, take paying passengers on rides into space and. His third powered test flight there's Dan. Hit a record altitude of more than one hundred seventy thousand. Feet that's more than fifty thousand feet higher than its, second flight back in may also hit a. Speed of mach two. Point four or better than twice the speed of sound Jim Chenevey CBS news This is southern California's only. Twenty four hour local news and traffic station KNX ten seventy NewsRadio I'm John Stevens our top local stories at. Ten oh five thousands of people remain. Evacuated accrues of battle seventy five hundred acre wildfire in the San. Bernardino national forest and the sentence seven years in prison for a man on, his way to a West Hollywood gay. Pride event with a loaded rifle and explosives, in his car but, first we have traffic and. Weather together every ten minutes on the fives here's Chuck row still trying to clear that wreck. In downtown Los Angeles if, you're on the one ten southbound just past the one oh one they. Were initially saying that it was the left two lanes at our blog fire department got there said Nope right to lanes remember when you report these things we count from left, to right, lane number one is. The far left unless there's a carpool lane don't count the carpool lane and work your way over. From the left to the right now Hussien high sixty westbound before hacienda boulevard stall there blocking the left lane six zero five northbound before rose Hill's this has been here for a while a crash involving a big rig tire that was in the. Lane somebody hit that Tire. And they've been trying to clear this ever since oh probably at least an. Hour now and traffic still is jammed up from. About Whittier. Boulevard so you may want to exit and try and catch Norwalk will the any of the parallel surface streets to get, around that delay in diamond bar fifty seven southbound a brea Canaan stalled vehicle, they're blocking the off ramp Cal trans work continues in luck percentile. On the ten eastbound the right three lanes are being worked on between Lowell. And Pennsylvania Avenue and on the one eighteen westbound right two lanes shut. Down from the five zero five cannot connect from the westbound. One eighteen. To the southbound four zero five or the northbound side those connector road shut down overnight. Your next report ten, fifteen I'm Chuck. Row with more traffic reports more often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio we're going. To have some low clouds and fog rolling in overnight and, the lows are going to be somewhere around seventy degrees and upper sixties and then tomorrow yes. It's going to be warm yet again a couple degrees cooler than it has been for these days it's going. To be about eighty degrees if at. The coast upper eighties in downtown and one hundred and five in. The inland area Areas possible afternoon thunderstorms. In the mountain areas currently Thousand Oaks seventy-one Culver city sixty nine Long Beach seventy degrees at ten seven hundreds of firefighters working through the night. On the lines. Of, the Cranston fire it has blackened. Seventy, five hundred acres of brush and timber it's only five percent. Contained can extend seventies Cooper Rummell has been on the fire lines for hours now and he joins us now with another live report Well the key to this firefight is in the. Air, because of the steep terrain in the area during the day there were several. Large air tankers water dropping helicopters and that's been scaled down for the overnight.

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