Alexa Cast is Amazon's answer to Chromecast Audio, but only works with Amazon Music

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Google has something different. So I was looking, I think they've they've embraced an extended. Yeah, yes. So, yeah. What's the solution is this? I mean, does Amazon just have to do this because of Google so much power and Google cast is their thing. Why? Probably like imagine if your Spotify, right? And you're here, you're the music servants. You already have the airplay button. It's all Spotify. Just like you know the abstract, all of the protocols, of course, but your Spotify developer, and you've got to support airplay airplay too, right? Pollutes youth, Google, cast Spotify, connect. Alexa cast yet wrote Roku connect, you know, we, we, we had Anthony would on the show, has tweak. He's talking about Roku connect. Like suddenly you're the literally the fragmentation of services about you're gonna, have a bunch of stuff and you housing what you're talk to it. Some, there's something mistaken here like, so we're making some kind of mistake here when you know Spotify, suspend x. more hours of engineering time, supporting one more cast protocol as opposed to making its at better because they're also here dishes use them. Here's the thing I tweeted, some of this affect I was like, if I were invented today all every company that makes these different casting standards would have made a different version of proprietary different version of wifi. And you'll never guess who responded the former CEO of Sonos, Chun Farland, who writes, they all benefit from the internet and wifi standards and cannot do proprietary in return. They all suck house. How's their behavior different from stupid consumer electronics, who worked to make universal remotes impossible. There's just there's just every every it's like every trigger for verge cast discussions. You got universal remotes you've got, I are plaza. Hugh soda. I think these casting standards. Are there sort of a lever of power for these company? You know, it's funny about that. Is it Sonos ran proprietary one. Sned like, that's that is it's a proprietary version of institute eleven b. Now they run a little bit, but you can still buy a sent us boost and then have a second proprietary. It's true. It's I, I don't know what the motives for proprietary casting like it's not like Netflix is going to give up and just pick one. Right? It's the moat is you buy speakers that are compatible with the phone that you have or if you happen to have speakers that work with your phone, you're less likely to switch to another phone because it will no longer work with your speakers. Do you have it how? Okay, I'll give you all of that. You know, put Alexa cast in that framework. If you're the one Amazon music customer in the world, who's like thank God. Alexa cast is here because now only going to be in the Amazon ecosystem. Alexa cast is just straight up spite. It's just straight of spite for Google. It's leverage. They're they're so that when they're negotiated with Google to allow the Lenovo smart display in the Amazon. Which guess what? It's not there that they'd be like, tell you what we'll switch away from Alexa cast. If you know you, you give us something on this deal here. Microsoft needs. What. Have Microsoft just uses mirror cast by the way. Another standard in that. Is it actual, but that's that streaming. That's not just a real. Yeah, because I was just thinking. 'cause like obviously it's bonkers to think of you buy a speaker that specifically designed for your phone or computer, but like if you is it bonkers because I have a home pun, sell you. I I know I know. think I was thinking like, you know, I grew up very close to best buy, like walking distance from best buy into best buy very many times in Circuit City in was future shop. What was that other one future store? Whatever. This is this explains a lot actually, I, I grew up going to radio shack, so you're, you know, I'd go to go to best buy and hang out at like the the cell cell phone kiosk and try to like upscale customers on like bluetooth anyways. If you think about what best buys layout was, was there's a computer section. There was a phone section. There was like a home audio section. There's TV. Now if you go to best buy, it's there's the Samsung section. There's the Mike subsection. There's apple section the, you know, there's the, it's the best by turning into to specify starting into these questions of stores and their growth like they're succeeding, not necessary because they're selling stuff but, but because they sell tech support..

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