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A complete poll ships absolutely and. Here's my other question this this one got? Me. You think about this okay let's say Trump, did know that Talia said I've got dirt on Hillary and I wanna meet with your son and give you the. Dirty could help, you, win and Trump says okay. And, everybody says that's. Horrible now wait. A second let's remember something we know Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Actually paid a law firm To. Go to have a guy talk to Russians? To. Get dirt on Trump we know that they, paid them not just approved it paid them so isn't how can you say what Trump if Trump did this that. That's horrible and, awful, and should never happen and. Yet, we know that. Hillary Clinton the. Democrats paid for the Russians to give dirt on Trump listen in the schema politics Greg I have no problem, with, you Try to get dirt on your opposition that happens all the time is. The question, is with the Russians you know you got. To. Be a hundred percent careful again I I, hope from does really deep down know that the Russians cannot be. Trusted, me Putin cannot be trusted right and will stab you, in the back and and Jim Nova Chuck nerve agent down your, face whenever. He gets a shot no doubt but, my point is simply if everything, even if, Trump did approve it didn't sides do. The exact same thing. They did you, know we have we have obviously Russian involvement even. On the dossier side as well Listen, to have fun I gotta go catch a flight here, and I'll be back on Monday sounds great thanks for checking in, as always. Schnitt couldn't make it today always glad, to fill in for hope he, has a, great trip and flight and he will. Be back and I. Would love, your, thoughts on all that we just opened up with And that just makes me laugh. I mean if somebody came to anybody, in politics and said I got dirt on your the guy man you wanna. Meet they all say yes Lurks man and. Not only will, you meet with me the DNC and Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign paid the law firm who hired Steele who. Then talked with these guys in Russia with hearsay evidence second third? Hand even hearsay evidence to push what they use to get the FIS warrants to go after the Trump campaign, so how in the world can. Anybody seriously, with a straight face say it's the worst thing, ever for Trump to to just approve, a, meeting when the. Democrats paid for it Oh man it's just it's politics. It's. Why it's so fun to, talk about because it's crazy crazy stuff if you want to jump in it's. Eight hundred eighty one eighty nine. Ninety nine eight hundred eighty,.

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